Fix Samsung Galaxy Buds Connecting Issues: Doesn’t Pair and Pairing Failed

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pairing issues and Failed to connect with android mobile

here we solved the pairing or connectivity issues of Galaxy Buds doesn’t connect with android mobile. it is comfortable to wear comfortable to hear and easy to use. Many users are complaining that there are some connectivity issues occurring with their Galaxy Buds. This issues may occur due to low battery, or some barriers,

Distance between the device connected and the buds and many other reasons. For this, we will provide you some solutions In this tutorial. We wish they might solve your problem.

Follow the solutions given below for Samsung Galaxy Buds Connecting Issues and Failed to connect

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pairing issues and Failed to connect with android mobile

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pairing issues and Failed to connect with android mobile

Solution 1: Reset Your Buds

Firstly, perform simple restart by put Earbuds in the corresponding charging case slot. wait for 7 seconds and more. now pair again with your android mobile.

Hard Reset or Factory Reset

Hard Reset or Factory Reset Your with the help of the Galaxy Wearable app, and after that, your problem will be solved. Make sure your device is connected to another device.

< Open the Wearable app that has been connected with android mobile
< Choose the About Earbuds option available at the bottom
< Select Reset Buds option. And wait until your buds are been reset.

That’s it.

Solution 2: Restart

Restart your buds and device connected and then connect them your problem will be solved. Restart them wait for few seconds and connect them again.

Solution 3: No barrier

Make sure that there is no obstacle like electromagnetic walls, Concrete walls or any other things that break connectivity between the buds and device.

Solution 4: Distance

You should see that there is a proper distance between the device and the buds. For proper connectivity, distance should be 10M or less.

Solution 5: Update

Make sure that the device and updates which is to be connected are updated. If not update them and then try to connect them with each other.

Solution 6: Re-Connect

There is a problem of connection then you should disconnect the device waits for a while and reconnect them. This thing would solve your problem.

Solution 7: Contact the store

If the solutions mentioned above are not working for your problem, then we recommend you to visit the nearest store as early as possible. Physical damage inside the charging buds or battery case we can replace under warranty time. Check out below link and set your appointment in a nearby store.

Above solutions are most helpful to all galaxy buds users, Finally, share with us which solution is working for you.

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