How to Convert Handwriting to Text on Galaxy Note 10 Note and 10 Plus Using S Pen

Use S-Pen to Convert Handwritten text type to Text on your Galaxy Note 10 Plus/ Note 10. Samsung is given us many newest features with the use of S pen-like Air Gesture, Single and Double-tap actions. And one more fascinating feature like that is converting your handwritten into text format. In the models before Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus. And now you can also share your handwritten work.

Converting handwritten to text is not a much difficult process just you need to learn the process and you can also convert handwritten into text easily. So here in this guide, we will teach you how to convert handwritten into text. Follow the steps  given below:

Convert handwritten into text on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Note 10

Step 1: Open the Samsung Notes app.
Step 2: Click on the Plus Sign (+).
Step 3: Click on the write or draw with pens option icon available at the top of the screen.

Use Handwritten option on Galaxy Notes app

Use Handwritten option on Galaxy Notes app

Step 4: After this, you can write on the screen, after writing tap on the screen to select the written things
Step 5: Now tap on the icon.
Step 6: Now options will appear in the Preview window to convert handwritten to text, select the Convert option.
And this handwritten is converted into text format.

Handwritten to text convert on note app

Handwritten to text convert on note app

Now to share or save the file as a Word File or PDF file. Select the share icon and one choose one option from the options available. You can share the file in four formats 1. Microsoft Word File.
2. PDF file.
             3. Image File.  
             4. Text File.
             5. Samsung Notes File.
Select the format in which you want to share the file.
So by this method, you can convert handwritten into text and can share the file also.

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