customize or change screenshot gesture, without home button or powrbutton

Your Android mobile running with android n, Oreo installed on xiomi note, Samsung galaxy s9 or s9 plus. Follow this guide for change button for taking a screenshot without home button, without power button or using touch gesture.

by default three fingers with downmove help in take screen shoot.

let’s see how to change or customize screenshot on android mobile screen from the setting.

go to the settings app on android mobile.

next, tap on an additional setting.

under additional settings/button and gesture settings.

the second option is to take a screenshot.

select slide a 3 finger down.

also, see the alternate button mixture and gesture for change gesture and button mixture for taking a screenshot on android mobile or tablet.

android galaxy s9/galaxy s9 plus, HTC, LG, OnePlus, Xiaomi note, Huwai and all other.

use our method and solve your issue. enjoy your day

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