How to Customize Navigation Bar on OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6t comes with many different features, customize Navigation bar is best features. you can find a navigation bar setting under navigation bar and gesture settings on OnePlus 6t. use the navigation bar to approach app drawer on OnePlus 6t recent apps.

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by default, oneplus 6t Android p set navigation bar. but here is the how to customize navigation bar on OnePlus 6T android pie 9.0. if you want don’t use navigation bar style, so here we teach you how to change Navigation bar setting on OnePlus 6T. follow below method how to customize navigation bar on OnePlus 6T.

Custom navigation bar: OnePlus 6t Android p

Step # 1: Swipe down notification panel from the top on the screen.

Step # 2: Tap setting gear icon.

Step # 3: Tap Buttons and gestures.

here you can see more option Navigation bar & gestures, Alert slider, quick turn on the camera, Quick gestures.

Step # 4:  Tap Navigation bar and gestures.

Step # 5: Tap navigation bar customization.

here you can see more option customize OnePlus 6T navigation bar.

Swap buttons: here you can use this setting and swap the back and recent button on OnePlus 6t.

Hide navigation bar: Using Single button we can hide or Show Navigation Bar, This button will add on left corner of your oneplus 6t android mobile.

Home button, Recent button, and Back button: Customize default button action on home, that work as double tap on a home button or long press on the home button to access Google Assistance, Turn off Siri Voice, Close Expert Tips: Change navigation bar style in OnePlus 6T Android Pie 9.0 menu or open Menu, Open or Close Split screen. Open or Close Notification bar.

Expert Tips: Change navigation bar style in OnePlus 6T Android Pie 9.0

tap Settings icon > Buttons and gestures option > tap Navigation bar & gestures > Choose option navigation bar > Back, home, recent / Back, home / navigation gestures

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