How to Delete or Add Fingerprint on OnePlus 6t – OnePlus 6 (Android 8 – Pie)

How to Delete or Add Fingerprint on OnePlus 6t – OnePlus 6 (Android 8 – Pie)

Use fingerprint unlocking techniques that are now available on your android mobile – OnePlus 6t, OnePlus 6. let’s add new fingerprint on OnePlus 6t and OnePlus 6. And unlock the device using finger scan. We can add up to five fingers On OnePlus 6t and OnePlus 6 mobile. Also, Remove the added fingerprints or Disable at once from your OnePlus 6t and OnePlus 6 android mobile.

Added fingers in Fingerprint, we can use for unlocking your Phone and Use your Fingerprint to authorize purchases and app access.

Steps for Delete/Add Fingerprint on OnePlus 6t, OnePlus 6 mobile

Step 1: GO to the Settings app on OnePlus.

Step 2: Next, Scroll to “Security & Lock Screen” option.

Step 3: Now, Enter PIN for Verify and Make changes into this. Now Add Another Fingerprint by a tap on “+ Add Fingerprint” option.

Now, Tap on Finger name to Rename it.

Delete or Remove/ Rename Fingerprint on OnePlus 6t/OnePlus 6

To Delete added Fingerprint, Tap on “Delete” icon.

To Rename Added Fingerprint, Tap on the name of Fingerprint.

That’s it.

Extra More Helps

Another setting inside the Fingerprint settings related to Touch ID in OnePlus mobile.

1. Show Fingerprint on Display when pick up the phone
2. Tap the screen to Show fingerprint

Fingerprint scan widely uses most of the smartphone devices. Let’s use this feature positively and enjoy the awesome security on OnePlus mobile that helps to unlock mobile at a glance.

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