How To Delete WhatsApp Account From Android Mobile: Permanently

In this whole world, million people use WhatsApp account and connected each other, use WhatsApp and feel closely connected all time your friends and family. WhatsApp gives free video call, voice call and also massages free; you should send your business file easily that type lots app function WhatsApp has. If you delete, WhatsApp account you’re all receive sent message history stop. You have left and elimination from your all groups also u will automatically remove from your friend’s WhatsApp connect list. It’s irreversible process so first collect your all messages and data. after de-registration of WhatsApp number, we can use it on another device.

If you lost your mobile and handed over your mobile to other hands so you should need to take action such as delete WhatsApp account. However, need to delete WhatsApp account. Please let’s  see how could you delete it.

How to delete WhatsApp account from android mobile?

Step 1: first open your WhatsApp on your mobile screen after tap menu bar button like three vertical

Angle dots your screen appear right side.

1 WhatsApp Settings on android mobile

Step 2: tap on the settings option.

2 WhatsApp Settings

And select account its symbol key. And after tap delete my account option.

3 WhatsApp Account on Android

That wants our country code n contact number to enter both and again repeat delete my account on the screen and give the reason why should you need delete WhatsApp account if you want not compulsory.

4 Delete WhatsApp Number on android

Step3: tap deletes my account option on the final screen on your android phone and laptop.

5 WhatsApp Account Delete from android mobile

Short key:( application > whats app > menu(three dot icon )> setting > account > delete my account >add country code and contact number > delete my account)

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