Dell Inspiron Microphone not working in windows 11

checkout all solutions and troubleshooting methods to get microphone problems solved on your dell Inspiron laptop. The microphone is not working on Dell Inspiron Laptop running windows 11. because of some privacy restrictions by system settings or From Third-party software settings. Follow the below steps to use the microphone after completely dead suddenly.

if you know we can use Our built-in microphone or External microphone via headphones or Bluetooth earbuds. so that’s a good option if you don’t have time to repair the microphone during a meeting or call. That are ideas I willing to share before starting fixing the tour.

Solutions to fix microphone problem in windows 11

Enable Microphone and Check the Microphone volume level

The problem is not too big if your laptop is in good condition or new, just check the microphone is enabled on your dell Inspiron laptop. Go to settings > System > Sound > go through the input section and select your Microphone. at the same time also check the Microphone volume level using the Microphone level slider.


In addition, you can test with some recording using the option inside Microphone array settings. and Start Test. also one more option is there, to enhance the audio to improve the sound quality while using a microphone. if you experiencing a sound issue.

Allow Microphone by the app

Once you enable the microphone from the system, one more security layer you have to enable for the app running and using on your mac for calling, recording, or more. so the steps are,

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Privacy and Security.
  3. Scroll to microphone and Enable microphone access for all which you want to use.

Once the settings are changed and applied, close the app and check after the restart on your laptop.

Update and Reinstall Driver for Microphone sound

The bug is on every past of a smart device because of a system file issue, malware or OS Corruption or an Unsupported Sound driver installed on your Windows 11. It’s time to check and update or Reinstall a new one.

Here’s how to check,

  1. Righ click on start menu > Device manager.
  2. Expand the Audio inputs and outputs portion and See the installed microphone array driver. if you are showing any error then update it or reinstall from dell wbsire. find the Audio driver and install it on your laptop.

Enable Microphone from the System keyboard

Now, All laptops become more smart and easy to control from a keyboard, if you are using an external keyboard or an inbuilt keyboard, just check the microphone is muted from the Keyboard.

Check Microphone settings from App inside

have you a problem with the microphone not working on Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Video Chat, WhatsApp, Viber, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom Meeting. first, you have to check the settings inside the app and microphone settings. just make sure the microphone is enabled and the correct microphone is in use.

if all the settings are fine and default, then Check the app update or Reinstall app on your laptop.

Update your Windows OS

after the first release of windows, the next update is crucial because we will get Bug fixes and problems just like microphone or sound problems. Must check and install the latest windows 11 update on your laptop. from the settings > Software Update >download and install the update.

you have done all the practice to fix the microphone not working on the dell Inspiron laptop. it’s time to diagnose the microphone hardware problem.

Check your system performance with the dell system support software. this software runs a smart test and recommends new updates and missing driver information. in just a single click we can do it. if it fails that means we have to contact dell’s official support center.

Get help from DELL Support Executive

Dell warranty and support service is available in all regions just find it on the dell official website and try to connect with them.

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