Microphone Not Working in New DELL XPS 17 in Windows 11, 2024 Update

Suddenly you found the microphone issue on DELL XPS 17 running on windows 11 update. follow this crucial solution for DELL XPS Laptop microphone problem and won’t able to record in Recording app and Other audio calling and Video calling apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Video Chat, WhatsApp, Viber, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom Meeting.

in this troubleshooting first, you have to check and verify the Windows system settings for the microphone, next check the Microphone settings in-app or Browser is you are interacting through the browser. and last, diagnose the hardware problem.

Solution 1: Enable Microphone on Windows 11 System

first, check the below settings to make the microphone reenabled on your system and for running software like chatting, conference, Gaming, and Business.

  1. Open settings in windows 11. Press Windows + i from the keyboard or right-click on the start menu and settings.
  2. Next, Under the system settings > Sound.
  3. Now, Scroll to the input section and see the Microphone in use, select a built-in microphone, or switched to an external microphone. correct it. and check the Microphone Volume level. adjust-microphone-level-in-windows-11-computer
  4. this will fix the low microphone volume issue on Dell XPS 17.

Solution 2: Check Microphone enable/Disable by the app

Turn off the Microphone restriction by the app installed on your Windows Laptop from the system settings. This is the easiest method to manage which apps can use and can’t use a microphone.

  1. Open the settings on your DELL laptop. Press Windows + i or Right-click on Start menu > Settings.
  2. Next, Go to Privacy & Security > Microphone.
  3. Enable the microphone for your system then Enable the toggle for individual apps installed on your system.turn-on-microphone-for-individual-app-on-windows-11-laptop-and-desktop-fix
  4. Restart your system or app to start using if it’s not working.

Solution 3: Update and Re-install Microphone Sound Driver

all the settings are turned on for the microphone, but the Sound driver is corrupted or missing. that might be an important solution to fix the Sound driver problem for your windows system,

  1. Open Device Manager, Right-click on Start menu > Device manager or Search Device manager in Cortana search.
  2. Expand the Audio Inputs and Outputs > Right-click on “Microphone Array (Realtek Audio)“.update-audio-driver-in-windows-11-acer-laptop-or-desktop
  3. Choose the option Update driver. if you failed to an update or Won’t update because of no internet in such case download the driver for your laptop from dell website and instal on your DELL xps 17.
  4. Once the installation is complete, restart your system and check the microphone is working or not?

Solution 4: Fix the microphone issue from the app settings

still, the microphone not working on windows 11 on DELL XPS 17 for Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Video Chat, WhatsApp, Viber, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom Meeting. then look into the app settings and Enable the microphone to be turned on during use. also set the correct microphone if you are using external headphones or Other sound systems.

Solution 5: Run the Hardware troubleshooting setup

In the latest windows 11 environment, the user can diagnose the microphone problem using the option in windows 11 settings.

  1. Open the settings app in DELL XPS 17 – Press windows + i or Right-click on Start menu > Settings.
  2. Go to System > Troubleshooting.select-other-troubleshootings-in-windows-11
  3. Select Other Troubleshooters and follow the path given on the screen window.

That’s a cool method to check whether the Microphone hardware is missing or the Software update problem.

if the hardware is not working then use external headphones or a microphone to DELL XPS 17 Laptop.

Solution 6: Use Dell Support Assistance app


Dell’s online free software to fetch all the required updates in driver and missing drivers in just one click. just download the Support assistance app on your laptop and start fixing all the problems in just one click.

Go to this webpage and enter your Dell laptop serial number to manually find the driver or Download and install the SupportAssist app on your laptop.

Solution 7: Get Assistance from the DELL Help desk

DELL Support is always waiting for your query, service is available offline and online. Go to the Dell website for your country and check the possible support options with your dell laptop model. on Call, Chat, email or Dell store near to you.

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