How to Detect a Hidden Camera with Your Android Phone: Any Mobile

Hidden Camera Detector app for android

Find Nearby Hidden camera using android mobile, Small spy cameras that can be fixed anywhere in the small place and partial wall. It is made for safety purpose, but some people misuse it for blackmailing someone to record some nonsense. Hence to save our life from this, we need to detect that hidden camera. This tutorial is especially important for the ladies, whenever we are feeling uncomfortable or unsafe on the particular and having a doubt that there is a hidden camera in the place then immediately find the camera with your mobile phone.

till now we don’t have any smart device or detector that help to find hidden camera in hotels, Private or Personal room, Bathroom, Changing area or Lift. Using this smart app we can detect a smart camera that is hidden and nearby you in short or long distance. and the good news is that you can use on any company mobiles (Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, MI Xeomi, LG, Nokia, Google Pixel, Honor, HTC) running on android version 4.0 and later.

Here in this tutorial, we will show you two methods to find the hidden camera.

Method 1: Hidden Camera Detector App

Hidden Camera Detector app for android

Hidden Camera Detector app for android

According to its name, it detects the hidden camera using your device’s magnetic sensors and cameras infra-red sensor. It works through Electromagnetic  Fields (EMF), and it beeps when the camera is detected. You can download this App from Google PlayStore.

To get the proper accuracy of the magnetic sensor takes the device as closely as possible. You should check Outlets, Showerheads, doorknobs, lampshades, etc. and your clothes too.

We can not see the hidden camera with the naked eyes, but the infra-red camera gives you a comprehensive- view of the room by which you can get the camera. You need to focus on the white light; wherever you see the white light, you must check there the hidden camera will be present there.

Users are complaining that the app is sensitive to metals, and because of this, it beeps when there is no camera nearer to a device. To solve this problem, you need to calibrate the sensitivity of magnetometer between 60 to 80 so that you can get a perfect result.

Method 2: Tiny SVR Came: Anti SVR Hidden Surveillance Finder

Tiny SVR Came Anti SVR Hidden camera finder app

Tiny SVR Came Anti SVR Hidden camera finder app

This app also works on the same principles as the above app. You can download this app from Google PlayStore. It Works as your CCTV which captures the viral video moments.

By adjusting the sensitivity, you can get a clear vision of the hidden spy camera. You can detect hidden figures, hidden objects, and other problems in the infra-red mode.

When you are not ware about where to search for the camera, then here you will get a short guide which will guide you where to search for the camera.

So in this way you can detect the hidden camera.

Write back us your story on how this app is useful to find a hidden camera using your android mobile in changing room, Lift, Personal or Private room, Bathroom in Hotel or Guesthouse.

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