Disable/ Enable Night mode in Twitter app on Android

Social media users are especially twitter now more convincing to use it at mid night or dark area. Shiny screen at dark area make user eye tired and not perfect for health as well. Now totally low shining vision apart from Tweet font, Setting option, images and profile, really impressive as of my last night personal experience. Still it’s first public release or text with night mode in twitter app in last update for all android users. After update you app, you didn’t get this. You must be enabling manually from setting. Let’s See how and where is the option for Disable/ Enable Night mode in Twitter app for android mobile/ Tablets.

Night mode or Dark mode option Dissemination mostly all apps day by day and still counting. After First time apple unveiled for all iOS devices with latest version.

So android users are also waiting and possible chance for Dark mode or Low blue light mode in upcoming new android version (Android N – Nougat).

Steps for Disable/ Enable Night mode in Twitter app: Android

Enable Night mode in Twitter app on android mobile

Low blue light seem like Black background, Yellow – White font, Easy to Switch any mode without leaving screen or app.

Night mode is also useful from disturbing to others when you are in Flight, Bed, Party or Theater or any other silent place. See notification whenever you are in silent mode.

Make sure and update twitter app if available from play store. Or Direct download APK of Twitter app.

Open Twitter app on your Android Mobile/ Tab

Slide Screen on from left to right, Sliding pane will be show up your profile and many other direct shortcut options.

Third last option in raw, Night mode Enable it. And see instant effect on twitter app.

Share your feelings on what is positive and negative suggestion after Disable/ Enable Night mode in Twitter app on android. I think auto Enable/ Disable Night mode is impressive way to gift millions of twitter user. Let’s see what will be the next from twitter.

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