How to Disable/ Enable unknown sources android 8/8.1 [Oreo]

Android always arrests installation of APK to unknown source for better preservation. Here important is to enable the installation of APK files under process: mobile Setting> security> unknown source. Try to first enable it. Now you can install application accepting APK file from any application on your Android Oreo 8.0 device like browser, manager etc..but it’s not easy with Android Oreo 8.0

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Here we give you tips on How to enable unknown sources android Oreo 8.0 after you can try to install an APK file without Play Store. So, guys, follow our step and enable unknown source.

Method 1: Enable unknown sources android 8 [Oreo]

Step 1: open setting menu on your Oreo 8.0 device.

Step 2: press on Apps & Notifications menu.

Step 3: press Advanced.

Step 4: press Special access.

Step 5: now, scroll down the page up to end press install unknown apps.

Step 6: tap on the app, you want to confess or block.

Step 7:  you will see.

Step 8: enable trust app from this source.

Method 2: Enable unknown sources android 8.1 [Oreo]

 Step 1: go to setting option on Oreo 8.1 device.

Step 2: press App & notification.

Step 3: press App info.

Step 4: press chrome (you choose if you want another app)

Step 5: under Advanced section tap install unknown apps

step 6: enable allow from this source 8.1

use this step and ‘Install from unknown sources’ option on Android Oreo 8.1.

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