How to Disable or Turn off Predictive Text on Galaxy note9: Samsung Note9 Keyboard Settings

Sometimes predictive text on Smartphone has become a headache for the users. I am one of them here I am facing the issue with how to turn off or disable predictive text while I type on Android keyboard. Follow my simple instruction and alternate ways to turn off predictive text on Android Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Let’s quickly personalize and change the settings for predictive text for Android mobile.

Before that time old Android version not supporting and unable to change the predictive text that we find in the present OS. That’s very useful and amazing to increase User experience while we type on our keyboard. Don’t waste time and just go to the below steps to fix your issue for predictive text settings.

Follow The below steps and find the settings for predictive text on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Keyboard Predictive text

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Keyboard Predictive text

Important Keyboard Settings for Note9 Predictive Text

Option 1: go to the settings app > language and input > Samsung keyboard > predictive text


Option 2: go to the settings app > general management > language and input > on-screen keyboard > Samsung keyboard > predictive text.


Option 3: go to the settings app > general management > language and input > on-screen keyboard > Samsung keyboard > smart typing.

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You will also see other predictive text settings find that and apply as you wish

Auto-replace: these settings replace the wall word after you type and sometimes it make sure job horrible and not comfortable value type English in your regional language.

So you need to turn off, after that you can send the short message forward in your language without replacing the suggestions that showings on your keyboard.

Auto-spacing: this setting will help you to add space when you need automatically. The interesting features people would like in the normal case.

Auto Punctuate: correct your writing skill by ending the sentence with the full stop. Using these settings you can add the dot at the end of the string by Tab on two times on space bar.

Sound and vibration: this is most important settings for the smart users who feel annoying while that app on keyboard key or send the message from the keyboard. Some peoples are keeping turn on as a feedback section. I recommend to turn off this if you want more battery and save power to use your smartphone for other features.

This is enough settings and guides for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users running on Android P or later. Share this there with your friend that help to find keyboard settings quickly and easily. Don’t miss to subscribe and like our page to get new tips and alerts when we post.

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