Disable Vibrate on Touch HTC screen or Button Pressed

More Battery saving in android must required to stop unused or annoying mobile Vibrate. Here I gives guide on how to manage Different types of vibrate for your HTC or Other smart Mobiles (LG, Nexus, Samsung, act). Vibrate sometimes essentially or sometimes bothersome, here I guide to those people who want stop/ Disable Vibrate on Touch HTC screen, Press Button, Notification, Tap on Keyboard key and incoming call as well. I would like recommended that we should enable for call time as of users work or life routine.

After much more improvements in recent android version, Vibrate option has been customized and settings are different on Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and upcoming android Nougat. But for all versions you will get helpful through below tricks.

Steps for Disable Vibrate on Touch HTC screen, Back/ Home button, Notification

Go to the Settings app on android

Inside Phone section, Tap on Sound & Notification

Here you will get different types of Customization Vibrate setting options.

Under General Section: Vibrate Feedback for calls

Next, Under System Section: Vibrate on Touch uncheck for stop vibrate alert while you press button on Android mobile.

Disable Vibrate on Touch HTC screen or Back/ Home button

Sound Profile: Customize sound profile with three different Volume or Vibrate conditions.

Set Vibrate on Profile

Not Found Vibrate option in your android version

From Top inside the Settings app, Type Vibrate for easy to search setting related to that.

All Vibrate settings and option in android mobile

Here’s that I will get all vibrate option for my HTC one mobile. You will get also for your mobile or Tablets.

If you don’t Like official Vibrate, You have an option to make custom vibrate for your android mobile for specific app and activity. Third party app Google Vibrations more help to you. After that Disable Vibrate on Touch HTC screen, Lock, Tap and Notification, Call and Go with Custom vibrate that you love.

For the Nexus users, Guide is here

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