Steps to Downgrade Android 7 – Nougat to Android 6 – Marshmallow

Android naught is 7th biggest relies on an Android version that supporting major mobile companies (galaxy, LG, Mi, Motorola, Moto, OnePlus, HTC, Vivo, Oppo ). So there should be the issue with pre-installed application on your mobile like app crashing, the app won’t open or unable to install the new app from play store. At that point, we need to downgrade android 7 to Android 6 (Nougat to marshmallow). You transfer 7th to the 6th version without any losing any data.

Just follow you next version step to start to downgrade your mobile also install Android OS instantly. Now, RELEX!! It’s easy to downgrade by below steps.


Steps for Downgrade Android Nougat to Marshmallow on All Mobile

Andoid Nougat to Marshmallow downgrade in Android Mobile or Tablet

STEP 1: Backup or excerpt all Android into PC.

Whenever you downgrade your android system, it’s not recommended to you that save your data on your other mobile or PC and you people lost your important data. Most people do mistake that data loss problem and loss their important while downgrading android version naught (7th).

So here we highly recommend to android mobile users, first save you backup and vital data on any android device. And also we give advice that you try for android alternative backup software. It helps to protect your data while you downgrade your android system.

Here three simple steps to secure your android data:

1: connect your android mobile to PC with help to USB cable. Install it and save mobisaver. And then tap “start” button for reading software and connect your Android device.

2: And then connect your android mobile. That time software will scan about in few minute. This software help to find your data that lost your while downgrading time on your android mobile.

3: Recover data from android mobile. And last you can tap “Recover” button then selected android data, apps, and files to protect and safe in your PC right now.

Now no tension to lost data because your data and file safely on your PC. Now downgrade your android mobile.

STEP 2: Downgrade Android 7.0 to 6.0(Nougat to Marshmallow)

You people follow below step to start to downgrade your android mobile.

Note: first save your fancy data other android phones, tablet or PC because it may be erased and you lose while Android OS downgrade.

1: Download and Install Android SDK tools

First download SKD tools from Google developer site.

Install it C:android-SDK. SDK tools open now. Here uncheck everything like: Android SDK Plateform-Tools and USB.

And last Install two package and check accept license>install.

2: Download Android marshmallow factory image

Android marshmallow factory image should be downloading from directly Android Developer Site. And you want now Android 6.0 version so click below link.

Download Marshmallow factory image.

3: uncompressed Downloaded Zip files for Marshmallow factory image.

First of all your factory image and all files that downloaded, it’s all is compressed. So you should first unzip. It’s remembering to extract some of all contents directory, where you people install SDK software file. Sally in C: program files (x86).

4: turn on USB debugging and connect to PC.

Go to setting on android > developer option or taps seven times on build number>find USB debugging > enable it.

5: Install Android marshmallow (6.0) & uninstall Android Nougat (7.0)

~ First Start with this command: cdandroid-sdkplatform-tools and tap it.

~ Type: adb reboot botloader and enter it.

~ Type: fastboot oem unlock to undo Android device.

~ Type:  Install flash-all the bootloader, operating system – Marshmallow.

Wait some minute for the process, don’t power off your device. First, it’s finished process and after your android mobile will reboot and then successfully downgrade android version nougat (7.0) to Marshmallow (6.0).

Here some tips for downgrade your android version and no lost your data so please try it.

Save it share it. We can do this for any android version downgrade. Just keep the copy of an old version of android factory image and start switching to past android version.

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