Download Pokémon go Outside USA: On Android Mobile

Download and install pokemon got in android

From the digital news Report in the just 3 days 5% of total android users download Pokémon go on his/ Her Smartphone. Also broke all gaming records and Revenue records in just within weeks. Because people really love augment reality GPS based games (Pokémon Go for all aged anywhere and everywhere). Pokemon go first only available in USA users, So USA (Now in UK and increasing in other country store) based play store users only can download game but not for other international users.

Here’s the guide on Download app and games from google play store from any country store, that’s works for all Games, But here I show how to download Pokémon go outside USA.

Out Side USA countries are: India, Japan, France, Italy, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and Other Countries.

Update: Recently Pokémon Go officially now available in UK play store.

Download Pokémon go Outside USA and install pokemon got in android

Steps for Download Pokémon Go Outside USA in android mobile: Play store  

Step 1: Go to your Android Mobile, Settings App > Account Menu option.

Find the option for add new Google account. (Not to remove Existing Google account)

Step 2: Enter you Gmail ID and Password it’s very easy.

Step 3: Next, Go to the used recently as a new account. Enter Country USA only (You are not there, But to Open USA play store here you enter that),

Enter Zip code and Enter payment method if you have otherwise not.

Step 4: Download and install VPN app from play store, it free and Available in play store.

Once you done above four step, Wait for times to update or connect your mobile to USA play store.

Step 5: Next, Connect to US VPN.

Step 6: Open Play store, From play store settings Change your Account by added in last.

Search Pokémon Go, Download and Install on Mobile.

Step 7: Disconnect VPN and Enjoy Pokémon Go n android mobile.

Note: If possible keep backup of really important data, Might be lost by changing Google play store.

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