How to Edit Hosts File on Windows 10: Fix Permission error or Access denied error

Here is the quick tutorial on how to manage or edit hosts file in Windows 10 C drive. We need to change hosts file for any purpose live blog or bypass IP address or test website locally without changing DNS globally. For the security reason Windows can’t be able to write or edit the hosts file for the security purpose, but sometimes we need to do this or use it correctly. Windows 10 users are getting the error because they are not found hosts file to run as administrator or unable to save or save as hosts file in the same location. Also, users cannot replace the existing hosts file in C drive after created on the desktop or other drives.

  • You don’t have permission to save in this location.
  • contact the administrator to obtain permission.
  • would you like to save in my documents folder instead?

1 Enable Host file permission for edit or change hosts file in windows 10

Access Denied Error on windows 10 Hosts file save,

2 Access Denied for edit hosts file in windows 10

I investigate and face this same issue on my Windows 10 laptop and getting fresh after browsing some tips and do Google.

Let’s check what the possibility to fix this error or easily edit hosts file in Windows 10 without any permission denied error is.

Fixes on Edit host file in windows 10 and On Save Time errors

Step on go to the below path in your computer C drive.


2 Host File Properties in windows 10

You can easily navigate to the hosts file by placing the above line in your Windows address bar, and tap enter for directly access the folder where hosts file saved.

Right click on the hosts file and tap on properties.

Next, to the properties click on security tab in Window.

2 Host file security option in Windows OS

Under the security, tab finds the groups and usernames sequential select system administrator and user and click on edit to change the permission for the specific one user.

3 Change File permission for all users in windows 10

On click on add it here, you can find permission for all under the Allow column select all the checkbox shown in below image.

4 Allow Control for Permission Host file change in windows

Don’t miss to save and make changes to the hosts file permission now open the hosts file and enter the details that you want to add it in hosts file running on Windows 10 or also Windows 8 or Windows 7.

Now, Right click on hosts file and Enter lines of code, Than Save file (Ctrl + S).

5 Edit Hosts file on Windows

That’s it.

Hope you guys enjoy with me, and you fix the problem for edit or save hosts file after making changes.

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