Enable Call Recording on OnePlus 6t Android Mobile

3. select call record option (1) (1)

Most of the business user and professional they are using this feature for security and proof of their business and activity during day or night. There are too many third-party applications and services are available that able to record call which different features like record call during career incoming or outgoing. Skype call, third-party application call, messages, chats, and your Location tracking why spy software are available in the market. But they all are too costly that we can’t afford for All time. This is the money saving tips and really appreciate the Android mobile that can’t give in iOS device. Let’s get started how to enable and turn on call recording on oneplus 6t Android mobile get automatically work after turning it on.

Steps for Enable or Turn On Call Recording on OnePlus 6t Android Mobile

Call recording has too many custom features and options are available on your Android smartphone with oxygen OS. We can set call recording on manual action or automatically that record all the calls automatically when you receive or make a call. But we need to turn off that prevents it in the storage from the audio clip. In some circumstances, users are assigned to record all the calls automatically yes we can do here.

Step 1: open the phone app on your OnePlus 6t mobile.

1. open the mobile app on oneplus 6t android p (1) (1)

Step 2: at the top right corner of the screen find out the more menu icon. To get the settings option here.

2. open the mobile app on oneplus 6t android p (2)

Step 3: select the call recording option.

3. select call record option (1) (1)

Step 4:  first is the single option call record, if this option is enabled, the option for record call now on dialer screen, that is visible while you’re making or receiving calls.

  • just tap on the icon for record call and start recording anytime for any call.
  • And the next part is auto call recording
  • Under the call auto-recording section, check out call auto recording option. This feature automatically records all the calls.
  • and the next settings are auto recording notification, This will notify you after record call.
  • And the third option is auto recording range: this option allows users to record the call for the selected contacts or group of contacts.
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