How To Enable Or Change Vibration Intensity On Galaxy S10 Plus And S10

Need to change the vibration settings on your Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10, we are here to help you. Samsung has the feature of changing vibration intensity through which you can change the incoming calls, Notifications, Touch Interaction settings. By default vibration pattern is set as basic call in your device. Vibration level helps to save more battery life, Mobile lifespan, and Annoying continuous vibration while you are a drive or in office. To get alert from Vibration, We don’t need hard or Continuous vibration that comes by default. Change Default Vibration on Galaxy S10 Plus and S10, S10e. Follow the below steps for Custom Vibration on Galaxy S10 Plus, S10e or S10.

You can increase or decrease the vibration intensity according to your convenience.

Follow the steps given below to change the vibration intensity On Galaxy S10 Plus/ Galaxy S10/ Galaxy S10e:

CHange vibration intensity on oneplus 7 pro and oneplus 7

CHange vibration intensity on oneplus 7 pro and oneplus 7

Step 1: Click on the apps option, to open the apps.
Step 2: Go to Settings App, and open it.
Step 3: Go to Sound and Vibration option.
Step 4: Click on Sound Mode.
Step 5: Click on Vibrate.
Step 6: Click on the Left Arrow Icon < , to go back to the previous screen.
Step 7: Click Vibration Intensity.
Step 8: You can adjust the intensity of the following options:

This Vibration intensity directly changes to blow use with the ring or in silent mode.

1. Incoming call
3.Touch interaction

Drag the arrow from left to right to adjust the intensity.

By this way, you can change the vibration intensity or can adjust it whenever you want and as much as you want by following the above steps.

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