How To Enable/Disable Dark Mode On Google Calendar On Galaxy S10 or OnePlus

Disable/Enable Dark Mode on Google Calendar android mobile. Google is always trying to make their users happy and comfortable with their new and innovative features. Google has invented one more innovative feature that is Dark Mode on google calendar. Some apps like Youtube, Messages, Phone, Contacts, and Android itself already has the feature of Dark Mode.

Dark Mode will protect your eyes and you will enjoy the Dark Mode in the night, as it emits less blue light. Dark Mode doesn’t protect only eyes but, it also saves the battery as the Dark Colours uses less power. Dark Mode will be the best the option to be used the phone at night.

Follow the steps given below to enable/disable Dark Mode in Google calendar:

Dark Mode in Google Calendar android

Dark Mode in Google Calendar android

Step 1: Open Google Calendar.
Step 2: After opening the app, Go to Settings.
Step 3: In Settings select General option.
Step 4: In General choose Theme option.
Step 5: Select Dark Mode from theme option.

So this how you can enable the Dark Mode and for disabling the Dark Mode follow the same steps. Now you can enjoy using a phone at night with low power consumption and that also with the safety of eye protection as it harms less to eyes. Enjoy the Dark in Google Calendar.

Now Dark mode officially available on Google Calendar Android app, that helps to decrease Eye Strain in night mode. Free relax and More Visible to your and Beautiful look. Also, you can disable Dark mode and switch into light theme mode any time. Follow the Above steps for Disable/Enable Dark mode on Google Calendar Android app on OnePlus 7 Pro/OnePlus 7/ Galaxy S10 Plus/ Galaxy S10/ Huwai.

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