Enable & Disable LED Flash on OnePlus 6, Notification & Call LED

LED is very useful for use as a torch at back side LED on OnePlus 6 Mobile. Let’s find where is the option for turn on or Enable LED Flash on OnePlus 6 android mobile. People are also using LED for incoming call and Notification in silent or ring mode. OnePus model has two LED (Front Screen and Back Screen), a Front screen is used and indicates the charging status.

Also, we can customize LED Light Per app and Color.

Steps for Enable & Disable LED Flash on OnePlus 6 for Notification, Call LED

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on OnepPus 6.

Step 2: Swipe down and find the option for LED Notifications.

Step 3: under this option, Check per App Notification option.

Enable it and Find more customization option. Disable per app Notification LED that you want to turn off.

Other LED Settings are  Default Notifications, Battery Full, Battery Charging, Battery Slow & Per-App Notifications.

To Customize LED Notifications Colors

More option you will find based on change LED Color, Total eight different options are available to choose. Otherwise, it set on default color.

Above is a helpful guide for OnePlus 6 mobile, let’s disable or Enable LED Flash on OnePlus 6 with different custom options for the color and more choice.




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