How To Enable/Disable Lift To Wake And Touch To Wake On OnePlus 7 Pro

Disable Lift To Wake And Touch To Wake on oneplus 7 pro

OnePlus has launched its brand new phone OnePlus 7 Pro with the most amazing and brand new features. OnePlus 7 Pro has many amazing features in it. Here we are going to guide you about how to enable/disable lift to wake and touch to wake options. There are super exciting features now added just like apple mobile. OnePlus 7 Pro has some advanced hardware configurations that allow using a lift to wake your lock screen and check all incoming and unread notification at a glance.

Another option is touch to wake; this is pretty excellent and useful features, No more hard work to check your oneplus 7 Pro lock screen. Just touch screen to check missing notification while you are busy.

Disable Lift To Wake And Touch To Wake on oneplus 7 pro

Disable Lift To Wake And Touch To Wake on oneplus seven pro

How to Turn on Lift to Wake and Touch to Wake OnePlus 7 Pro From Settings

1: Lift To Wake settings on OnePlus 7 Pro:

Lift to wake option is a fantastic feature in your device. Through the help of this feature, you can operate your phone, just by lifting your phone from its place. You can see the notifications messages and other essential things are displayed on the screen as you lift the Phone. You can operate this feature even when your phone is locked. Follow the steps to enable /disable your device:

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: In Settings, go to Display.
Step 3: In Display Search the Ambient Display option, and click on it.
Step 4: And after that, click on Toggle to enable the option “Pick up your phone to show.”

Now your Lift to Wake option is enabled. Follow the same procedure to disable this option. Now you can enjoy the Lift to wake option by operating the phone just by lifting it.

2. Touch To Wake settings on oneplus 7 pro

OnePlus 7 Pro brand new phone with brand new features and one of the most useful feature is Touch to Wake feature. With the help of this, you can control and handle your phone with just one touch. You can manage and use your phone even when it is locked. Follow the steps given below to enable /disable Touch To Wake:

Step 1: Go to Settings, and open it.
Step 2: In Settings, go to Display.
Step 3: In Display, click on Ambient Display option.
Step 4: Enable “Tap the screen to show ” option, but click on the toggle.

Now your Touch Wake option is enabled, and you can disable it by following the same procedure. Now you can handle your phone by just touching on it.

Enjoy your brand new features in your brand new device. Also, share with your Friends and get surprised with quickly and auto turn on lock screen light on lift your OnePlus 7 Pro. Also, you can turn off or Disable lift to wake or Touch to wake on OnePlus 7 Pro.

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