How To Enable/Disable Split Screen on OnePlus 7T/7 Pro/ 7 Pro: Two Apps on a Screen

OnePlus device has the best features great mobile so here we can use two applications in slid by slide easily. for example, you can open two applications, at the same time on your one mobile screen. you can open any video or news and also open text chatting on your mobile screen. that allow sharing video via chat with your client. Split-screen is really amazing we can use and watch two applications of a glance that might be your remote camera app,  social chatting and messaging app, some games and Browser, or mail app.

in this article, we share with you how to use split-screen how to on OnePlus android device/how to enable and use split-screen on OnePlus running Oxygen OS. let’s see.

Split Screen on OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T Pro

Split Screen on OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T Pro

How to Use The Split Screen On OnePlus Device/Enable Split Screen on OnePlus

Use Apps on Split Screen OnePlus mobile

1.  Go To The Recent App Screen.
2. Scroll through the horizontally aligned app screens to find the recent app,
3. Top Three dot menu option.
4. Tap “Split screen
5. Tap & select another application from the second half of the screen.
6. Now you can see two apps on one mobile screen. that means your split mode is enabled.

Use Split Screen on OnePlus Android Device: Two Apps on One Screen/Disable Split Screen on OnePlus

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Disable Split Screen is a very easy way in Android Os. let’s see.

Tap and hold on a slider to the bottom of the screen.
The multi-screen mode is automatically close and goes into normal code.

The feature is really amazing and interesting which feels like a desktop or laptop computer. use this article and share it with your friend. have a good day!

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