How to Enable/ Disable USB port or Drive on windows 10 Laptop/ PC

On windows system we cannot configure or change in USB hardware functionality just like remove DVD writer. USB Port is directly connected with hardware tightly that we cannot remove temporary. But we can Disable USB port or Drive on windows 10 from system settings. USB port is primary way to leak important data to external drive or USB drive. Then others are cloud and manually copy.

Here are the alternate ways for disable USB port or Drive on windows 10 that we can re-enable any time when we want to use. Once we disable this; we cannot copy to USB drive. Because it will not be detect on system.

Steps for Disable USB port or Drive on windows 10 on Laptop or PC

Disable USB port from registry

This is primary and very easy way to disable or disconnect connection between USB port to your System.

Go to the Start menu > Open run windows. Or Press Windows + R.

Type regedit then click open button for see registry editor.


2 Registery Editor open from windows 10

Navigate to the Following tress from side bard pane,


3 Disable USB port or Drive on windows 10 USB disable using Registry Editor


From the right pane, Tap on Start then change value data from 3 to 4.

5 Disable port with number in USB registery

4 is disable USB port access on PC or Laptop.

Repeat same steps above for enable USB port and make changes in Value data from 4 to 3.

Disable USB port from Device manager

Open device manager from your admin account. Device manager is available in control panel. Otherwise search “Device Manager” from search box.

Under Universal Serial Bus Controller > Right click on each element > Disable.

1 Disable USB driver from Device manager

Yes, you can also uninstall USB driver. That’s not easy to recover or turn on USB Port without reinstall Driver from Windows DVD or PC. For tight security you can go with it.

Use USB driver Enabler or Disabler software

Install third party software for disable/ Enable USB port on windows 10, Windows 8/ 7. USB disabler is easy for non-technical users.

Above all are most popular and signify options that people are using for Enable/ Disable USB port or Drive on windows 10, 8 or Windows 7.

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