How to Enable and Disable WiFi Calling on One plus 6t Android Pie

OnePlus 6 is the best android mobile. its comes with a great processor and long battery life. OnePlus 6t good WIFi calling features that most useful to do the phone call using a WiFi connection rather than your OnePlus )mobile network.and now you people manually turn on WiFi calling on your OnePlus 6t Android Pie 9.0 Oxygen Os. Not all carriers supported this Wi-Fi calling features. but sometimes depend on WiFi calling on carriers like Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint, At&T. maybe your carrier doesn’t support WiFi calling, so you should try IP service.

more carrier suport than over, now OnePlus 6t android 9.0 mobile to used for making a text over WiFI. that support your carrier. and it your carrier plan option. when you are connected to cellular data and you try to call, that time you can see an option like WiFi call or internet call.and when you are not connected ro WiFi that time your call always use your mobile data. follow our given article steps one by one How to enable Wifi calling on OnePlus 6T.

Enable Wi-Fi calling on OnePlus 6t Oxygen Os

Step 1: Swipe down notification panel an dtap setting gear icon.

Step 2: tap Wi-Fi & Internet..

Step 3: tap SIM & network.

(whichever you want to use the feature with).

Step 4: tap on SIM 1 or SIM 2

Step 5: now, switch on a toggle – Turn on Wi-Fi calling.

WiFi calling OnePlus 6t (1)


that’s it!! Now, enable WiFi calling on OnePlus 6t Android Pie.

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