How To Enable One-Handed Mode On Samsung Galaxy S22

Getting used to new technologies and as it’s said there are new innovations helding all over the world every day. So, Talking about the One-handed mode used on the latest smartphone device which is just inexperienced and can be so much useful for the daily users who want to operate the smart device during rush hours or at the peak time.

Here it’s how you can use the One-Handed Mode over your Samsung S22.


  • Here your screen will be reducing in size after enabling the one-handed mode.
  1. Swipe up the home screen to relocate all the apps.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Following it go to Advance Features.
  4. Locate the One-handed mode.
  5. Toggle the mode to ON.
  1. To off the mode toggle back it to off mode.
  2. Here you will be given an option to “ Reduce display size with option ”.
  3. Select either of one i.e. Gesture or Button.

Using this One-handed mode can make your size reduce by few inches and the user can easily handle the device using one hand either.

How to operate with gestures and motions for One-handed mode in Samsung Galaxy S22?

To operate with the gestures and the emotions you have various multiple options to handle the modes.

Kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Get to the settings app.
  2. Navigate yourself to Advanced features > Motions and gestures.
  3. Once you there kindly toggle the bar to turn on On switch icon or off Off switch icon.

Options such as:

Lift to wake up.

Double tap to turn on screen.

Double tap to turn off screen.

Keeping the screen on while performing tasks.

Sending the alert when call has been answered.

Can also mute the alarms or calls by just some gesture.

Can use your palm or hand to capture and save automatically.

All the above tasks can be used by performing the above steps and you can access the task by setting it up after mode is on. You can also follow up on steps after the process and it will be a cake walk for you.  


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