Enable/Disable Background Data, Mobile Data Usage For App On Android: Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus, Galaxy S8/Note 8 and Other

Stop Data Usage or Disable Backgroud app refresh on android mobile

Right Now We have amazing android devices. these are few flagship android devices this year from Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, LG, Vivo, Moto, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Nokia, Redmi. sometimes you face mobile hang issues, fact battery drain problems, slow running apps. guys its solution I have. let’s see how to Enable or Disable Background Data on the Samsung devices.

You install more and more applications on your android device. and save more data on your android device. You may be concerned with data that some apps may share while running in the background. if you open more background app so you lost more battery power. go with our article and save your battery, stop to black screen issue, let’s see how to turn background data on or off on Samsung Device.

Stop Data Usage or Disable Backgroud app refresh on android mobile

Stop Data Usage or Disable Background app refresh on android mobile

How To Turn On Turn Off Background Data/ Mobile Data On Samsung: Android Device

Here Two Way to Enable/Disable Background Data: Turn Off/On Background Data for Specific Apps. To Stop Mobile Data use for Particular App, use Third-Party App.

(3) Completely Turn off Data Usage for Individual App on Android Mobile

Android device doesn’t have an option for turn off mobile data for a Selected app running on android mobile. But here is the solution on how to turn off or Stop mobile data that prevent from using your Data plan while in use or running on the background. Try these best apps for use Data usage monitoring or Restriction on Mobile data and WiFi as well.

  1. NetGuard: This is a free app to use on any android mobile and Version installed. Block completely without root your android mobile. This app will help save Battery, Increase Privacy, Reduce Data Usage. 10s of new feature are free that comes with this app. Find a list of all apps running on android mobile, Also we have a Different option for Mobile data and WiFi in front of the app name. That’s very easy to manage with this app. Also, try the alternate app if this app creating problem with your mobile.
  2. GlassWire: Manage Firewall and Stop using the internet for a particular app. Don’t west your mobile data. Live Real-time graph on the app and Easily manage it.

(2) Turn Off Background App Data Usage on Android Mobile

1: Open Setting option from the home screen.
2: Tap Apps option.
3: Tap And Select the App that You Want to change the Setting for.
4: Tap Mobile Data.
5: Choose Data Usage.
6: Tap and set “Allow background data usage” to “On” or “Off
7: Scroll down the mobile screen,  toggle “Restrict background data” to “On” or “Off

This way you can “Turn On/Turn Off” Background Data for particular app On Samsung.

(1)  Using Data Saver

1: Open Setting option from the home screen.
2: Tap Connections.
3: Tap Data usage.
4: Tap Data saver.
5: Turn Data Saver to On or Off.

Use the Data Saver feature will prevent some applications from using data in the background. Use our both way to Enable or Disable Background Data on Samsung device, share it with your friends and family. have a nice day. keep reading our tips for the good health of your android device.

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