How To Enable Pocket Mode And Troubleshoot Overheating Problems On OnePlus 3

Pocket mode on OnePlus 3 and Overheating issues

Some built-in functions on old onePlus model are also awesome, that’s why I share tips on how to use important pocket mode on OnePlus 3 mobile if you missed. this pocket mode identifies that your mobile in the pocket and how to behave with the owner so they can’t miss any call, Notifications, and reminder as well. and the second part is overheating problems on OnePlus 3, Nowadays the problem of overheating is the most common problem arising in the phones. This is an emerging issue nowadays. So here we will give you some solutions to solve this problem:

Steps for Enable Pocket Mode on OnePlus 3 & Troubleshooting for Overheating issues on OnePlus 3

Pocket mode on OnePlus 3 and Overheating issues

Pocket mode on OnePlus 3 and Overheating issues

Part 1: Enable Pocket Mode on OnePlus 3

When we keep our phone in the pockets or in the bags then their screen is facing the leg or facing the surface of the purse or bag, due to which the I ock screen gets activate and device try to open the locks by which the phone gets heated. To solve this problem you must enable the pocket mode on your OnePlus 3. Follow the steps given below to enable pocket mode:

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: Go to Advanced option in the settings.
Step 3: Click on Pocket Mode.
Step 4: Enable the option with the help of the toggle.

Now Next is how to repair the Overheating issues on OnePlus mobile after years of use, DIY maintenance just like repair Android OS and Overcome the problem.

If still, the problem continues then some rogue apps may be running in the background. And if your device is getting heated while charging then there is a problem in the charger.

Part 2 & Solution 1: Background Apps Overheat the Body & Processor

If some apps are running in the background then they may cause the overheating of your device. So make sure that no apps are running in the background like Google Maps, Stocks, News Apps, and any other locating tracking services or apps. if possible, don’t use send and use live location features that are available on WhatsApp, Google Maps and many other third-party apps. Because these apps are using more power and short out battery life span in a short period of time.

Solution 2: Remove Unwanted Apps, Optimize storage

In your device, you may have some apps which you are not using and these apps will cause overheating issues when they are not updated. Especially don’t use Beta Android Version in Primary mobile, also Don’t use Video calling apps that overheat the camera and burn the mobile phone body parts. Some lightweight apps like skype, Facebook Messanger or WhatsApp we can try alternatively.

Solution 3: Use Updated Apps, Incompatible App to Updates OS

All the apps that you are using must be updated, because non-updated apps may cause the overheating issue. Follow the steps given to update the apps:

Step 1: Open Google Playstore.
Step 2: Click on the three horizontal lines available at the top left corner.
Step 3: Click on My Apps & Games option to open it.
Step 4: Click on Update All option to update all the available options.

Now your device overheating issue will be solved.

Solution 4: Remove the Mobile Case

When your OnePlus 3 is overheated then you should remove the case of your device, by removing the case temperature of the phone will come down. You should also remove the case while charging. So that overheating issue may not occur.

Final Suggestions

  • You can also update software under the settings app, Settings > About Phone > Software update.
  • Contact OnePlus support center near to you.
  • Erase OnePlus 3 to Factory Settings auto-fix internal software bugs after long years of usage. This action will automatically delete currepted files that won’t delete or remove on each update. here are reset factory settings on OnePlus 7 Pro. One of your oneplus 3 mobiles we can do it under the settings app.
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