How to Enable Safe Mode in OnePlus 6t Oxygen OS- Android Pie

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You have best new brand mobile OnePlus 6t. this is a good mobile but little problem create its not a big issue .you face unresponsive or app freezing or crashing problems. this all problem one solution find the App which creat a problem or causing the g issue on your OnePlus 6t device. when you activate safe mode on OnePlus 6t Oxygen OS that time disable all thirld party app on your device OnePlus 6t.

you people mind have lots of questions like How to open safe mode in OnePlus 6t Android 9.0? How to boot safe mode in OnePlus 6t? How to quit safe mode in OnePlus 6tandroid device? how to remove safe mode in OnePlus 6t, how to exit safe mode in OnePlus 6t and How to enter safe mode in OnePlus 6? here we give you these all question answer. please check how to get access to OnePlus 6t Android Pie 9.0 hidden mode called Safe Mode.

enable safe mode on oneplus 6t (1)

Safe Mode On OnePlus 6t Oxygen Os

Turn on and use safe mode

Step 1: Press & hold the power button.

Step 2: Press and hold Power off buton on the screen.

Step 3: Tap Ok. Reboot -Safe mode.

Step 4: now uninstall the app that creat a problem.

Open Mobile Screen> Setting gear icon> Apps & notifications > See all apps> select app that you want to unistall> tap Uninstall. > Ok.

Turn Off Safe Mode On OnePlus 6t

Step 1: press & hold power button.

Step 2: tap restart.

Step 3: wait for few second to restart your smatphone.

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