How to Enable Smart Boost on OnePlus 6t that Free Up Memory (RAM) and Speed up

Most of the high performing smartphones or gaming desktop or laptop maybe fluctuated because of internal OS error, applications Bug, and other hardware issues. So there are too many alternative techniques that free up space to the process running app or game. Find out the quick guides that I am sharing with you and help to increase the performance of oneplus 6t in a future time or right now.

Oneplus mobile now fast time with this feature on oneplus 6t. And this option is crude impressive and useful that auto fixes the problems like screen unresponsive, auto shutdown the mobile, app or game freeze or hanging anytime when you are active on screen for unlocking the device using the fingerprint scanner.

Smart Boost on the OnePlus 6T (1)

How to Enable Smart Boost on OnePlus 6t that Free Up Memory (RAM) and Speed up

By enabling smart booster on oneplus 6t mobile, we can accelerate the speed of process quickly and easily. Right now we have tested many applications and games like pubg. That’s really impressive counter comparison with Smart Boost disabled and enabled. By default this option is disabled, but we can change or Customize for the use of the gamers.

1: Go to the settings app on your oneplus 6t mobile.

2: Scroll to the utility Option and tap on it.

3: Under the utility software find out all the optimized setting like a oneplus laboratory.

Smart Boost Option on OnePlus 6t android Mobile

Smart Boost Option on OnePlus 6t android Mobile

4: Under one plus laboratory find the option for smart boost activation. Enable toggle for the activate button.

5: This setting is 4 based on a daily uses smartphone users take full advantage of the large RAM of oneplus phones which leverges the performance of loading apps and games.

Enjoy my Other Tips that’s really handy and Quick Settings that Auto Optimize the speed or process and Loading time. Share your idea and tips that you seen and helful to others.

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