How to Enable Unknown Source on OnePlus 6: APK files

OnePlus 6 is a fantastic android phone. Here you people facing a problem like enable to install apps like chrome, Gmail, Xander also another app from unknown sources on OnePlus 6 or 5T. you people first make sure enable unknown source on OnePlus 6/5t. first, enable to your device then install third party app on your Android Device 8.1 or Android P. in your smartphone setting in security & location and go to in and find unknown sources on your OnePlus 6.

Many times harmful your device from third-party app or other sources. Here OnePlus 6 Oreo device unknown sources features useful and helpful to install apps that are not downloaded from Google play store. Under our useful step, guide you people to unknown source on OnePlus 6 or 5T to install APK file.

Enable u known source  to install third party app on OnePlus 6 And 5T

Read and use step by step following method:

Method 1: open your OnePlus 6 mobile and Go to setting.

Method 2: in under personal section you click on security and lock screen

Method 3: and now scroll the page up to down and tap unknown source from the under-process device administration.

Method 4: tap toggle button of unknown source.

Method 5: last use play store and download third-party APK file without any issue and trouble. And one thing that unknown source may be harmful so be care full from the third-party app, and also it can do slow down the Android device.

Fix 1: Enable install from unknown source on android Oreo or P

Method 1: open your smart phone and go to setting on your Oreo device.

Method 2: in setting find Apps & Notification and tap it.

Method 3: click Advanced.

Method 4: click Special app access.

Method 5: scroll the page down to up and tap install unknow Apps.

You, people, see here much Application like Chrome, Xander, Drive, Gmail and other applications.

Method 6: and now tap App you want to enable.

Method 7: Enable to Allow from this source.

 Fix 2: Enable unknown sources Android 8.1

Method 1: go to setting.

Method 2:  click Apps and notification.

Method 3: click app info.

Method 4: click chrome app or other.

Method 5: click install unknown Apps.

Method 6: Enable allowed from that sources on Android version 8.1 or 9.   

 I hope you guys like to our method and it’s being helpful for enable unknown sources on OnePlus 6 / 5T android device. so, use it and fix your issue.

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