How to Enable and Wake up/Activate Google assistant on OnePlus 6t: Shortcuts

How to Enable and Wake up/Activate Google assistant on OnePlus 6t

Google assistance is wide featured that used on a smartphone or dedicated Google Home accessories. Also, you can use the same features and commands on your smartphone like OnePlus 6t with Google assistant. Find out the quick guide, that enables or wake up Google Assistant app and reply at the moment of your answer. There is no extra houses or problems that make you confused to use Google assistant on a oneplus smartphone.

To use Google assistant on your Android mobile, you must install Google Assistant app that available in Google Play Store. Most of the smartphone companies are providing Google Assistant app by default that we can use directly but some cases company are not given. First of all, check that the Google Assistant app is installed on your oneplus 6t.

Quick ways to access Google assistant on OnePlus 6t mobile

Step 1: Unlock your oneplus 6t

Step 2:  long press the side button to wake up the Google Assistant app.

Step 3: that listens to your voice directly without saying “Ok Google” or any other command.

Step 4: Once the Google Assistant launched and active on your oneplus mobile.

Step 5: now, you can send command and ask anything that’s in your mind about your world and your home app for accessories.

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