How to Enter Safe mode & remove or rid from safe mode on Android mobile: Find the issue

We can put any android mobile in to safe mode running on any android version Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow, KitKat and android P on android mobile Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 plus, Galaxy S8/ Note 8, Sony Xperia XZ premium, OnePlus 6/5/5T/3T, Moto, Motorola, Vivo, LG V30, LG V20, Huawei P20 pro, LG G7, HTC U12/11, Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixel 2. here in this article we also covered how to get rid of safe mode.

By turning on safe mode we can find a harmful application that damage our mobile hardware, software and internal OS. We seem these types of application also consume more battery. So, we need to face battery drain problems Android screen freeze and crashing issue. Also, give detail about How to remove safe mode in Samsung.

How to enter safe mode on Android device

Everyone mind one question that What is the safe mode in Samsung Galaxy? or What is safe mode on my phone mean? so, here Safe mode is great tools that we can use without any third-party application or software to find the third-party app that unresponsive and responsible for the problems.

Follow the steps below for turn or enter safe mode on Android mobile

Enter Safe mode on Android Samsung is a very easy task that not take more than one minute to enter. Here is the short instruction Safe mode we can turn in boot into safe mode.

Step 1: tap and hold power button.

Step 2: tap and hold power off button that looks on your Android screen.

You will see the message like Reboot to safe mode

Step 3: first press OK

Use above step and enter safe mode on Android mobile.

Rid or Disable/ Turn off Safe Mode in Android mobile

How to disable safe mode in Android that All easy Step below so follow it and Use it.

Step 1:  tap and hold power button on your Android Device.

Step 2:  press and hold power off button still show Reboot to safe mode.

Step 3:  press OK and do safe mode. Take it may be 30 seconds.

Step 4:  left side show up Safe mode icon.

Step 5: for exit safe mode from your Android device, tap and hold the power button and tap

Restart your Device.

Above all step used for How to turn off Safe mode on Samsung Tablet, Galaxy S7

Also, some step for Android Safe mode off How to turn off Safe mode on Samsung Tablet, Galaxy S7

@ Try to notification panel.

@ Factory reset your device.

Here we give both methods to how to turn off or on safe mode on Android device. so use it and share it.

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