Eplica Louis Vuitton identification: plastic around handles, metals, pattern: Part 4

misaligned pattern Louis Vuitton handbags

Hope part 3 (Identify fake louis vuitton) was helpful to you; let’s move today to some more points in part 4. In this part we will discuss about the perfections and engravings in real Louis vuitton handbags.

Louis vuitton will never make a product without precision. If you see stitching then all the stitching will be of same size. If you will notice pattern then from both side it will create symmetry. If you see the engraving on the metal then it will be precise and clearly readable. Louis vuitton will never put damaged item in market as it will risk its reputation in market place.

fake Louis Vuitton handbags pointers:

10> Louis Vuitton will never hit its store with plastic attached on handles. We have seen handbags with plastic on handles which appears very cheap and loose packing. Counterfeit uses cheap transparent plastic on the handles of Louis vuitton handbags. Don’t buy any Louis Vuitton handbags with plastic attached to it.

Louis Vuitton fake-louis-vuitton-plastic-on-handle handbags

11> Also we have seen that fake Louis Vuitton comes with plastic on metal parts of handbags. Yes, LV comes with plastic on metal parts but it should be of same size as the metal. If you see any extra plastic attached to metal then there is high risk of item to be fake. In the image you can see lots of extra plastic attached which symbolize item to be fake.

Louis Vuitton handbags plastic on metal

12> Misaligned pattern is the thing that Louis vuitton never make. All the bags will be aligned properly, that means the pattern on left side of bag will always be same on right side. Distance will also be equal on both the sides. If these does not match than it is called misaligned pattern.

misaligned pattern Louis Vuitton handbags

In our next post we will clarify more Louis vuitton points so that you will easily identify fake Louis Vuitton handbag. If you like our post and thinks that information is useful then please write to us for any query. If you want to purchase Louis Vuitton bag than you can show us the images and we will surely tell you whether its real and Identify Fake Louis Vuitton handbags for you.

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