Error 0x8007045d Windows 10 on install, i/O Device error, Copying: Fixed

Error 0x8007045d with windows 10

Windows 10 is self-managed and Error-free OS that has the ability to fix the internal software error and Hardware error. Know and Fix “Error 0x8007045d” on Windows 10, So Follow the steps given here to troubleshoot and solve the problem from damage file system or virus error that causing corrupt file and any other. This error occurs due to Windows Based System.

This error found for the different specific error. And the reason behind is damaged and corrupted DVD Disk or USB Disk. Sometimes, Damaged USB Port, Bad Sector on Storage, Faulty memory modules, Corrupted Memory. Other issues for Screen goes blank with screen freeze and stuck app on screen. After disconnecting the External Drive windows goes normal.

Troubleshooting tips on Error 0x8007045d Windows running on Laptop or PC

Error 0x8007045d with windows 10

Fix 1: Use Different port while you connect external storage or Drive to transfer data between Computer and External Device. Due to bad port, i/O system throwing the error for the USB port.

Fix 2: Start Computer in safe mode. And try to copying data or other operation that causing and throwing error 0x8007045d on windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7.

There are two different way of putting your Windows 10 in safe mode

  1. First Safe mode is from settings and
  2. Another safe mode is from the sign in Screen

Go to the Settings on your Windows 10, (Press Windows + I) key or Windows Key > Settings.

Next, Update & Security > Recovery.

Find Advanced Start Up > Restart Now.

On Restart screen, Choose an Option > Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Start-up Settings > Restart.

After the restart, Select 4 or F4 to start your PC in safe mode.

Start Safe mode in Safe Mode, Select 5 or F5.

If you are unable to land in safe mode that goes to this tips, other ways to put your windows 10 in safe mode > Safe Mode windows 10.

Fix 3: Find Which app causing and creating the problem on Copying file or Activating error while you start up your system under clean boot step. List out troubleshooting apps and uninstall in clean boot step mode.

You can check it through clean boot step, Windows vista/ Windows 7

Open System Configuration Utility on your PC with administrator rights, Type msconfig.exe in Startup box. Enter Administrator password.

On General Tab > Selective Start up > Click to Clear load Start-up.

Other Service Tab > Check to select Hide all Microsoft Service Check Box and Disable All.

Click on Ok and Click to Restart.

Once you put your system in Clean boot state, Copy file if you are able to check copy file without error.

Fix 4: Reset the Computer to start as usual

Click on Start Menu or Cortana Search > Type “msconfig.exe” and press enter.

Enter Administrator password.

Now, Go to General Tab > Click to Normal Startup Option > Click on Ok.

Restart prompt will appear on the screen. Click on Restart.

Hope you fixed the error 0x8007045d Windows 10 on your PC or Laptop while you are copying the file to PC or External Drive.

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