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All men around the world uses belt with jeans or pants, it goes with suits as well as casual wear. There are many types of belts available in market and we choose according to our limited budget. There are many branded belts in the market that are so adorable and beautiful that on first sight we want to purchase them. If we go for price that belts are so expensive that normal person won’t afford it. Lets see Most Expensive Belts around the World.

Most Expensive Belts around the World:

Versace Crystal 3D Medusa Belt:versace-crystal-3d-medusa-belt

Versace is a high end brand famous for its medusa belt as well as bags. Above belt is made up of pure leather and is highly durable. Buckle is made up of precious crystals. It will cost you around $1,000.

Ralph Lauren Alligator Engine-buckle Belt:ralph-lauren-alligator-engine-buckle-belt

Ralph Lauren is a high end brand famous for its Polo t-shirts. The above belt has different style of buckle and belt is made of pure leather. Belt looks so gorgeous that anyone can pick it on first sight. Its price is $1,750.

Stefano Ricci Crocodile and Palladium Belt:stefano-ricci-crocodile-and-palladium-belt

It is made from the leather of crocodile and has a perfect buckle that will take you out from the crowd. Buckle is made up of palladium and is equipped with the ornaments. It will cost you around $1,760.

Cartier Crocodile Leather and Palladium belt:cartier-crocodile-leather-and-palladium-belt

Cartier is famous for its high end jewelry. This belt is made of crocodile leather and has a finish of palladium that attracts the waistbands. This belt is worth spending $2,310.

Billionaire Italian Couture Alligator belt:Expensive Belts

This belt is made up of alligator skin. It has the Italian design and is very beautiful. This belt is totally handmade with silver buckle and logo on it. This belt can be custom made according to clients need. This costs you around $2,850.

Louis Vuitton 40 MM crocodile belt:louis-vuitton-40mm-crocodile-belt

Louis Vuitton is considered as most expensive and valuable brand around the world. This belt is made up of crocodile skin. It has beautiful buckle of there logo. Style of buckle and design on belt makes it luxurious belt. It will cost around $3,500.

Hermes Entriviere:hermes-etriviere

Hermes is among the top brand from the world and is very famous for its handbags as well as leather goods. It is made of pure leather and has its best buckle in it. It has the classic style and ranges up to $5,100.

Selfridges & Co Gold Belt:selfridges-co-gold-belt

This belt has luxury look. Buckle and belt both are made up of pure gold. This belt is perfect for rich people to show there status symbol. Price of this belt is             $32,000.

Roland Iten Calibre R822:roland-iten-calibre-r822

This belt is made up of 14 carat diamonds that raises its cost. This belt is made in collaboration between Roland and Bugatti. This is very luxury belt and costs $84,000.

Republica Fashion`s Gucci 30 carat Diamond:republica-fashions-gucci-30-carat-diamond

Gucci is very famous brand not only for female products but for men as well. This belt is made of 30 carat diamonds. This belt is very gorgeous and will amaze the viewers. This is the most expensive belt in the world. The price of this belt is $249,000.

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