How To Export Call Recording Folder On OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T, 6T, and 6.

Are you a journalist, lawyer? do want to should record important, meeting, and interviews and stored on OnePlus Android device. cant you find your call recording folder?/ How to retrieve my call recordings?  I have enabled call recording on my android, how do I find them. are these your questions? If your answer is yes. then, guys, you are in the right way. here we will be helping you find a call recording folder on the android device.

Do you want to listen to some imporatant calls? Do you ever had an imporatant call and needed to take a memo? You had to memorize an address, mobile number, and some critical detail? That all solution our hand here we share with you How to retrieve my call recordings Folder on OnePlus Device.

How to Find Call Recording On OnePlus Android Device

Find and Download Call Recording on OnePlus android Mobile

Find and Download Call Recording on OnePlus Android Mobile

>Open File Manager.
>Tap Storage.
Here you can find your call recording folder.

You can take a backup of your call recording using Google Drive.

>Open drupe settings.
>Tap Calls Option.
>Tap Call Recorder.
>Backup recorded calls.

Use this way and get your call recording folder. Please share our article with your friends and family group. Have a beautiful day.

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