Change Mobile Hotspot Password in Windows 10, Not working: Here’s the Fix

Mobile hotspot is one of the most important features for connect the wireless device to your Windows 10 laptop or PC WiFi/ LAN connection.  Know how to enable Mobile hotspot for share my Internet connection with other device option on Windows 10 operating system. TCS a first-time major changes in the operating system available in Windows 10 and later version.

Know What is Default Mobile hotspot password in windows 10? for connect other Wireless devices.

For the security reason, we can update network password for the system specific.

Steps for change settings in mobile hotspot on Windows 10

  1. Enable Mobile hotspot from settings, launch settings from your PC or laptop – search settings in Cortana search result.Windows 10 settings and Network and internet
  2. Next, to the settings click on mobile hotspot from this side pane of the screen.3 Enable Mobile Hotspot on WIndows 10
  3. We can make edit in password anytime before we enable share my Internet connection with another device toggle.
  4. Click on add it, next in we can change our private network name and network password.

I recommend keeping your network password as strong as possible and network name as you wish.

4 Change Mobile Hotspot password in Windows 10

After making changes, click on the Save button.

In case Mobile hotspot not working restart months your PC and try again with above steps.

Also, check your WiFi is working correctly or not please review your guide WiFi is Note working on Windows.

Also, you can see how many devices are connected in your personal mobile hotspot network. In details connected device you can see the device name IP address for this device and physical address of the connected device.

If you are unable to connect the other system please make sure Windows firewall blocking any connection for the incoming request.  So I would like to recommend first disable Windows firewall and try again for connect other device using mobile Hotspot in Windows 10.

3 FireWall Settings on Mobile Hotspot

To make changes in Windows firewall settings just go through the below screen in your settings under related settings click on the Windows firewall.

5 Windows Firewall turn on or Turn off

From side settings, click on turn Windows firewall on or off. Under private and public network settings,

6 FireWall Settings on windows 10

select turn off Windows firewall radio button.

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