Fix Adjust Screen Brightness toggle is unavailable in Windows 11

Adjust the Brightness in the windows System is very impressive to work in different lighting conditions. But you might be worried about the Adjust screen Brightness slider missing or not showing in Brightness and Color section in Windows 11 settings.

Make sure that we can adjust the brightness in the Built-in Display but will not work on the external display. Here we also see the alternate methods to increase or Decrease Screen Brightness in Windows 11 using Keyboard Shortcut Key or From settings.

Find Brightness Shortcut available on your Laptop and Desktop Keyboard [Supported models]. Use Brightness Key with Fn Key, Most common Shortcut Keys, Fn + F8, Fn + F5.

Solution 1: Update your Windows System

Get possible solutions and Errors in your Windows 11 settings with Regular updates. Check and Update your windows 11 to the latest software update. We can do it in the background, once you start the Software Update request from the settings.

1: Press Windows + I key from Keyboard > Software Update > Check for Update or Download and install the update.

In most cases, you will get back display Brightness settings after software update if it already exists or missing or Greyed out.

If the Option is showing but can’t change. the understand the next solution.

Solution 3: 30 Days Trial is Expired

Windows 11 license update comes with a new maintenance update and Microsoft is working hard for you. So, Microsoft will charge for a Full license after 30 days trial. after that some functionality will be disabled automatically.

Activate all the functionality after the free period duration. with Purchase it online. Some Windows 11 service gives you in big discount and in the offer price.

Solution 4: Reset the PC or Reinstall Windows 11

If everything is activated and updated, but you can’t use Adjust Screen Brightness option under the display settings in windows 11 then Take a Backup of your Computer and Reset your PC.

Unfortunately, we can’t Only Reset the settings, So we have to go with the Reset PC option. This option will help you to Clean all the data and reinstall windows.

1: Go to the Settings in windows 11 [Windows + I] or Right-click on Windows > Settings.

2: System > Recovery > Reset This PC

Solution 5: On External PC: Change Brightness Of External Desktop

If your Laptop or Windows system is connected with an external display then we can’t manage Display Brightness from the display settings as usual. In such cases use the Physical button available on display for Brightness and appearance for Low Blue light, Contrast, and more.

Or use the Support document made by the manufacturer to adjust the brightness of any external monitor. a user guide is also available online.

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