Fix blurry Picture/Image & Blur Camera Issue on OnePlus 6, 6T and 7

OnePlus Camera issues fixed

OnePlus 6,6T and 7 all are super brand mobile also they have got lots of major upgrade features like 16MP + 20MP dual back cameras. the company gives a much batter camera than the previous model, but here users face little a major issue on OnePlus 6, 6T and 7 that is a camera problem like blurry Picture/Image & Blur Camera. guys, dont worry relax! here we share with you easy tips How to fix blurry Camera & smudgy image output on OnePlus 6, 6T and 7 Android devices.

Everyone knows OnePlus Company is launching the best and flagship killer android device with a lower price of mobile. some OnePlus users say about this android device camera issue like when she switched their OnePlus device, she had huge expectations in camera quality oneplus device but here this camera result doesn’t satisfy me. its blurry Picture and Blur Camera. so we decide to share with you how to Fix OnePlus 6,6T and & 7 Camera Blur & Blurry Images. let’s see OnePlus 6 Camera Producing Blurry and Smudgy Images..b

OnePlus 6,6T & 7/7T Pro Camera take Blurry and Noisy pictures

OnePlus Camera issues fixed

OnePlus Camera issues fixed

maybe its software bug so, here we first update the latest software and try to fix the blurry image on the android device. let’s see how to update to Latest OxygenOS / Firmware?

How to Update the latest Android OS?

  • Step 1: Turn on your android device.
  • Step 2:  Go to Settings in your Oneplus android device.
  • Step 3: Under setting, the option goes to About phone.
  • Step 4: Click on Software Update Option.

Now, check there is any software update available. if available any update so please first update your android device.
now, click the picture and check image if,  still blurry image issue, not solve so go with us and again try to solve blurry Picture/Image & Blur Camera Issue on OnePlus 6, 6T and 7. let’s see how to do it.

here we share with you tricks and tips, how to fix the camera problem on OnePlus 6,6T and 7. follow the given below step one by one and solve your issue easily.

Fix 1: Clean Your Oneplus Android Device Camera Bump:

you dont know but, most of the camera bump and their around area lot of dust is accumulated. so, first, carefully clean that area and also you need to keep it clean to capture a clear picture.

Fix  2:  Check Camera Resolution:

Sometimes your Oneplus camera resolution setting is not correct so, first  Ensure your current resolution setting. if you click the winder picture in a small resolution, it will not be given good picture quality. so go to your camera setting and check the resolution of the picture and set it.  always set high resolution because high resolution gives a sharp picture. follow this tip and fix your issue. Some OnePlus users mostly like to capture a photo with third-party camera app, Google Camera is one favorite camera app.

Fix 3: Use Focus mode:

if you set wrong focusing, you get a compulsory blurry image.

if you are clicking an image where the subject is really not close to the lens so you get the blurry image so always set the subject close to the lense and get high resolution and clean picture.

use the focus mode perfectly and fix your blurry camera issue on OnePlus 6,6T and 7.

above all tips solve your software-related point, so use my above all tips step by step and fix blurry camera and blur image issue on OnePlus 6,6T and 7 android device.

If this issue has not yet been solved, so it may be a hardware issue. we suggest you go to the nearest OnePlus service center and please examine your mobile.

I hope, my given tips helpful to solve your issue. share my tips with your friend and family that use the oneplus device. have a nice day!!

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