How to Fix Face unlock not Working OnePlus 6 oxygen OS

Face unlock is one of the best features of features of Android mobile OnePlus 6. Its really lock screen cool security. Face unlock is quick unlock your Android device Oreo 8.1. Are you troubleshoot using face unlock for OnePlus 6? Not any users send us this complain but if you have like this problem so our hand their solution.

We give you some possible solution for face unlock not working on OnePlus 6 Oxygen OS. Some people problem like face unlock is working 50% of the time. So, here face unlock not working we give here some fix:

Improve face matching OnePlus 6 Oreo 8.1

Face Unlock not Working on OnePlus 6

First, clean your face.

If your room brightness is low so, turn on light on your room.

Clean camera.

Disable or enable face to unlock.

With or without prescription glasses.

Reset or Reboot your Mobile.

Update the latest version.

Clear app cache and data.

How to fix face unlock not working OnePlus 6

Face matching is a most important part for Face unlock OnePlus 6. So here team gives the best try solve your problem face recognition not working for OnePlus 6 Android Oreo Device.

Solution 1: Face lock Remove on OnePlus 6

Fix 1: open your OnePlus mobile and go to setting.

Fix 2: under setting option tap security & lock screen.

Fix 3: press face unlock.

Fix 4: if you remove face lock so first confirm your PIN.

Fix 5: last remove face data.

Fix 6: press ok, done.

Solution 2: Turn On or Enable face Unlock on OnePlus 6 settings

Fix 1: open your home screen and tap on setting gear icon.

Fix 2: then tap security & lock screen.

Fix 3: here you can see security status, device security, fingerprint list, privacy, face unlock. So, you guys choose only face unlock under face unlock section.

Fix 4:  confirm your PIN then remove face unlock on OnePlus 6 oxygen OS.

Fix 5:  under face unlock section go and press enable face to unlock if you want to disable then do enable it.

Here we give you solution list of how to fix face unlock not working on OnePlus 6. If your face unlock not working on OnePlus 6 then read this article and fix your issue.


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