How to Fix Facebook Not Working And Keep Crashing on your lG v35 smartphone

Most of the people like you same same issue like Facebook app not opening loading on open, unable to respond or open profile. Here I am talking on how to fix Facebook app that keeps crashing on your LG V35 Running Android nugget.

Follow my simple guide and workarounds that fix the issue related to Facebook if don’t get help from this guy at the end your problem in the comment or send me your related facebook problems to your friends.

In this article we will see how to fix Facebook problems, here is the suggestions for the people who don’t know facebook username and password. First of all forgot username and password the correct information with you. Might be you will need after the end of this post because we need to uninstall and remove apps that also erase the data and login session of Facebook app.

Troubleshooting steps for Facebook Keeps crashing on android mobile, Freeze or Hanging on launch

1: Force close Facebook app on your Android smartphone lG v35 thinq to smartphone, follow the steps too close apps latest

Step 1 swipe down your finger mobile to launch notification bar.

Step 2 the setting gear icon.

Step 3 next to the settings tap on the general tab.

Step 4 find option for apps and notifications.

Step 5 app on the app info > Force Stop

Now find the Facebook app running on your Android mobile. You can also see the other application that are running on background. Kill all applications by simply taken Steps.

Solution 2: restart your LG v35 thinq you smartphone

You can shut down LG v35 using two alternate ways, here is how

First of all press and hold power button back of your phone

Power off option on your screen, again tap on power of button confirmed shutdown operation.

After your mobile screen completely turn off wait for 30 seconds then press and hold power and lock button until lights on with company logo.

Alternate method to restart your LG v35 thinq

Turn on power button next select to restart on the screen from the menu option.

In case if you seen or experience do your LG v35 screen is unresponsive unable to turn off using the above a then press and hold volume down button and power key button at back side simultaneously for 10 seconds, after that release both button and wait for the screen until your phone restarts.

Solution 3 check for updates and wait for installing new software update for Facebook

That is a very simple and easy task and we are doing before in on Innova older Smartphones and other android version os.

Find the Play Store icon on LG v35 thinq you phone.

Launch play store app on your mobile then go to the menu icon no see the my apps and games option.

Now select the Facebook about type Facebook in the search box to get quickly result on Facebook app.

Is there any update for facebook app than you will see after one and otherwise you will see the button named open only.

If any updates are remaining then wait for the installation facebook has MB software update that can take time to download and install.
Again are you ready to use Facebook app without any problem like crashing freezing and hanging.

Solution for, Clear Facebook app cache and data from your Android Root root directory of your LG v35 thinq you smartphone

Swipe down your figure from the notification bar on your LG v35 thinq.

Next step on the settings icon and general.

Now syllabus and notifications, tap on the app info, choose Facebook app and go to the storage.

Now tap on clear cache option.

Method to clear cache of your Facebook app

Tap on the apps arrow settings error navigate to the general tab > now find and select storage option > scroll down contain the end of the list find the cached data and tape on it, selectors to clear cache from the verification popup showing on your Android mobile screen.

Solution number 5: Uninstall Facebook app and reinstall

Is one of the ideal solution for completely erase the data related to Facebook and folders as well. If you remove only catch for Facebook settings and a person saved on your Android mobile

Step 1: open the Play Store icon from your LG v35 Home Screen (now tap on the menu icon go to my apps and games. Next Facebook app list of installed apps and running on your Android mobile. I want to uninstall option for the Facebook app finally click on Ok button to confirm that are you removing Facebook app completely.

To reinstall Facebook app on android mobile process is simple and easy to all just like you are installing new apps from the Play Store, let’s quick look how to install Facebook app lG v35 thank you

Open the Play Store from home screen > tap on the menu icon > find my apps and games > FaceBook and quickly install.

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