How to Fix Google Maps App Keeps Crashing On OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7 Pro new phone launched after kickstand in Speed by the OnePlus. Very rare case app keeps crashing problem, But still found many users reposted my Google Maps app keeps crashing on OnrPlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7. Every device has some app crashing problem. OnePlus 7 pro is the great phone but it is an electric device, so there remains a chance that the problems occur. Google Maps App keeps on crashing on the device. Here in this tutorial, we will show you how to solve this problem.

Google Maps app shows you the location and helps you find the location to reach your destination. Google Maps app keeps on crashing due to a various problem. Follow the solutions given below to solve your problem:

Google Maps App Keeps Crashing On OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7

Google maps keeps crashing on oneplus 7 pro and oneplus 7

Google maps keep crashing on oneplus 7 pro and oneplus 7

Solution 1: Check the Google Map is updated

You need to check that your Google Map is updated or not if not you need to it. Follow the steps given below to check the update of your Google Map:

Step 1: Open Play Store.
Step 2: Click on three horizontal lines (☰) at the top left
Step 3: Click on My Apps & Games.
Step 4: Find Google Maps and click on Update Next to it.

Now your Google Maps is updated and we hope that it works properly.

Solution 2: Clear Cache and Data from Google Map

Process of clearing Cache or Data will solve the software problem of the app. If clear cache and data your data will be lost in the app like Login and other information. Follow the steps given below to clear cache and data:

Step 1: Launch the Settings App.
Step 2: Click on Apps & Notifications option.
Step 3: Tap on See All Apps.
Step 4: In all the apps, Click on the Google Maps app.
Step 5: Tap on Storage.
Step 6: Press on Clear cache and Data.

By clearing the cache and data the app will function properly.

Solution 3:  Check your Android Version is Updated

Update your device with the latest Android version. Follow the steps given below to update your device:

Step 1: Open the Settings app.
Step 2: Click on System Update option.
Step 3: Click on Check For Updates.
Step 4:  Once you see the update is available, Press Download & Install Now.
Step 5: Once the Process is completed, Reboot your device.

Once your android version is updated every function will work properly.

Solution 4: Wipe Cache Partition on your OnePlus 7 Pro

By this process, you can wipe out the cache partition from your oneplus 7 pro. This process will not erase your personal data. Follow the steps given below :

Step 1: Power off your OnePlus 7 Pro.
Step 2: Press and Hold Volume Down Key and Power Button simultaneously.
Step 3: Release the Power Button when the OnePlus Logo appears on the screen, But hold on the Volume key.
Step 4: Enter your Lock screen Password, and tap OK.
Step 5: Click on English.
Step 6: Click on Wipe Data & Cache.
Step 7: Click on Wipe Cache.
Step 8: Click on Yes to continue the process.
Step 9: Reboot your device.

After rebooting the phone will work properly and all the problems will be solved.

Solution 5: Backup and Restore your Device Data

Take a backup and restore all your data back to your phone. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the Settings App.
Step 2: Go to System option in settings.
Step 3: Click on Backup.
Step 4: Check that the “Backup to google account” is on  if not then on it.
Step 5: And then Click on Account.
Step 6: If you have more than one Gmail account choose the account in which you want a backup.
Step 7: Click OK.
Step 8: Click Done.

Now Data will be restored back as you sign-in google account again.

Solution 6: Delete and Reinstall the app from Play Store

By deleting and reinstalling the app you will get the latest version of the app and hence the problem occurring with the apps will be solved. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to Settings, and open it.
Step 2: Click on Apps & Notifications option.
Step 3: Click on See All Apps.
Step 4: Select the app you want to delete/uninstall, and tap on Uninstall option available besides the app.
Step 5: Press OK.

So the app is uninstalled now reinstall the app by following the steps:

Step 6: Open Play Store.
Step 7: Search the app you want to install in the Search Bar.
Step 8: Tap on Install.

And the app is reinstalled so you can continue using the app by sign-in in it if needed. After this process app will work properly.

Solution 7: Check the Network Connections

Make sure that you have an active network while using Google Maps. If your phone has a Wi-Fi connection but there is no internet access then clear the cache from the device and again connect the device with Wi-Fi and enjoy using Google Map.

Solution 8: Contact App Developer

Contact to the app developer to get the perfect advice for the problem with the app. Follow the steps given below to contact app developer:

Step 1: Open Google Play Store.
Step 2: Search the app you want to contact.
Step 3: Click on the app to open its detailed page.
Step 4: Click on Read More.
Step 5: Go to Review Contact information will be listed.

By this, you can contact the app developer and your problem will be easily solved by this.

Solution 9: Visit Nearby OnePlus Store

If any of the above solutions don’t work, then we can’t help you out we recommend that you should visit the nearest OnePlus Store to solve your problem.

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