How to fix Google Pixel 3 Black Screen Issue: Pixel 3 XL

I Know your problem very well because I also face this same problem with my new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and also Google pixel 2 device won’t turn on, black screen and not responding, the screen is frozen. Suddenly one day my new Google pixel 3 XL Screen becomes black and I lost my important data and photos. Are you guys face this problem? oh yes? calm down please, guys I will give you the best solution because it’s my own experience.

If your Google pixel 3 XL can’t power on, then first try to do the factory reset for wipe data using recovery mode – that process help to you fix black screen issue. Google pixel 3 XL and pixel 9.0 pie Android device. It also helps for black screen issue, suddenly stop responding screen.

Here we give you some troubleshooting steps about your problems and how to pixel 3 XL and pixel 3 won’t turn on And black Screen issue. So guys follow my article step by step and solve your issue.

Google pixel 3 XL & pixel 3 Won’t Turn On and black screen: here is the fix


Solution 1: charging problem- Google pixel 3 XL

I will solve your problem now, first contact your Google pixel 3 XL original charger with a wall outlet. after 15 minutes. And then tap and hold side button minimum 8 to 10 second to until your mobile device screen om.

Solution 2: change charger, USB port or wall socket

use always Original charger, also check your USB port or wall socket, had given power or not. If that not given power that means USB port or wall socket faulty so change it.

Solution 3: charge your phone correctly

Sometimes people don’t see the charging logo on our mobile. If your mobile screen doesn’t appear charging cable that means won’t charge your mobile. So whenever you put your mobile in charging mode, check first- your power adaptor connect or not with your Google pixel 3 XL Android mobile.

If battery charging logo offers on your screen that means Google pixel 3 is on charging stage. So charge your mobile, after press power button and start your mobile- fix black screen issue.

Solution 4: try to force start Google pixel 3 XL mobile

Press and hold side button couple of seconds until you will not see Google pixel logo on your mobile screen. Give some time for this process and after get start your mobile and fix black screen issue.

Solution 5: clear the cache partition

  • Power of your Google pixel 3 device.
  • but it in recovery mode. Click wipe data and cache partition.
  • Click wipe cache partition option.
  • when you ask questions- tap yes option.
  • Wait for few seconds.
  • After reboot to restart the Android device.

Solution 6: boot to safe mode.

How to safe mode on Google pixel device- follow all step one by one.

When your smartphone won’t start or black screen issue that time use boot or safe mode, because both are the best process. If you guys want Google pixel smartphone in safe mode by using my following steps.

Tap & hold Volume down button and power button until Google pixel logo not see. Now start your Google pixel Android mobile and seen at the bottom of the left corner side safe mode text. Click it and do safe mode your mobile.

Solution 7: change the power button

Steals your problem doesn’t solve the logo with the technician and check out your power button. Because maybe your power button damaged.

Solution 8: Go with a technician

Still not solved a problem that means not any software issue but it hardware problem, so guys go with the best mobile technician and check out your mobile. They will check and solve the issue easily. They can repair replace your mobile.

I hope my article helps you. share it and use it.

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