How to Fix Huawei P20 pro Won’t turn On and Black Screen issue

The smartphone is an addiction of new generation. So, everyone uses a smartphone, and all people has this habit. But you choose Huawei pro. That’s your good design. Huawei P20 pro is amazing Smartphone. Are you disturbed by Screen and performance issues? I also disturb from Black screen Huawei P20 Pro problem. If you have the same problem so defiantly you have one question that My phone has a black screen how do I fix it?

Huawei P20 Pro Won't turn on, Black scree (1)

Guys our team hand Huawei P20 pro-Unresponsive (Black) screen solution. Here we give you tips on How to fix a black screen on your Huawei P20 Pro. So, follow my guideline step by step and solve this issue easily. Huawei P20 pro black display problem is not big so don’t worry. I will suggest you How to fix HUAWEI P20 Pro black screen without any data losing. Here some step like factory reset, use third-party safe mode. Hard reboot and restart, charging problem, etc. so read our page and Fix black screen after turning on your Android device.

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HUAWEI P20 Pro Won’t Turn On and Black Screen

Here we give a solution of Huawei P20 Pro Screen Randomly Goes Black Issue of HUAWEI P20 Pro.

Try to force start on your android mobile

  • Tap & hold the power button for few seconds until you show Huawei logo on your mobile screen.
  • Wait some time and get started it, if mobile start means to solve your issue but not start then follow my next solution.

Check you Mobile Battery

  • Maybe your mobile battery, Darin.
  • Connect your mobile with charging port.
  • And first listen, use only this mobile original charger and avoid using another android mobile charger.
  • Perfect plug-in charger with the mobile phone and check battery symbol accrue or not.
  • If charging symbol looks so wait 30 minutes and get start your mobile. But not charge means your mobile has to charge issue.
  • Check battery & charger. Maybe wall socket problem so repairs it and fix your black screen issue.
  • So, guys, change charger, US port or wall socket.

Factory restore on Huawei P20 Pro – Repair Black Screen Issue

  • This process does yourself. So, do Factory Restore. In this process, your all data will be delated.
  • Tap and hold three buttons in same time. A power button, home button, and volume button.
  • And you will see system recovery.
  • Open menu and go to Wipe data. And use volume button to do negative this interface.
  • And last go on Factory reset and choose it, then tap ON/OFF or home key button.
  • After this process, your Huawei mobile gives normal work, and you are free from black screen issue.

Remove SD card & SIM card

  • Some time without any problem your mobile screen won’t turn on and black screen issue.
  • Maybethis issue create SD card & SIM card. That is conflicts with your Android device and create black screen issue.
  • Here check your SIM card and SD card. So, first remove SD card and SIM card. And start your mobile. If mobile start so SD card and SIM card conflicts with your mobile.
  • Buy new SIM card and SD card and fix black screen on the android phone.

Use above all tips and solve your issue. Still not solve so go your nearby mobile store and check your mobile, maybe its hardware issue.

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