How to fix low call volume on Google Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL

I got some report last month in which one I explain here, that I pass suffering from Pixel Buds Volume too Low on Phone Calls ONLY. This problem is teasing me last few days. And I try some potential fix that clean speaker with a smooth toothbrush. Also, I show my speaker and phone clear & clean. And I m in quite an office, here no any voice although pixel 2 volume too low, I can’t listen perfectly. So, help me & fix my low call volume issue.

Here we give some tips to solve Pixel Oreo 8.0 device low call volume issue. You face the problem like poor sound quality during the call; problem creates during the call that people can’t listen your voice perfect and call dropping. We try to solve your google pixel volume booster.

Very Low Call Volume (fix) – Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL

  • Use speaker mode

Google Pixel 2 issue with call volume adjustment in speakerphone.

  • Use Headset

Pixel 2 XL – call audio coming from the wrong speaker. So, use a headset. It’s the best option.  Whenever a call is coming to that time use Headset and fix low call volume issue.

Buy Headset

  • Use Strong Network

The main reason is Network problem. You can’t listen to proper voice during the call So guys, check first network sensitivity. Maybe Week network issue. Find nearby any good network area and fix your problem.

  • Clean Mobile Speaker

Google pixel speaker volume low. So, take a soft and smooth toothbrush and clean your mobile speaker and make it dust free. Otherwise, any hardware issue so changes the mobile speaker.

  • Increase the Mobile Volume

@ Look & check your pixel 2/ Pixel 2 XL volume low or high.

Setting> sound >adjust volume.

@ call coming that time press your mobile side volume button increase and fix your problem Pixel 2 XL in call volume super low.

  • Restart & Reboot your Pixel Mobile

That process is easy. Tap & hold power button couple of second and turn off the android Oreo 8.0 device. And after few minutes tap the power button and restart your Pixel device.

  • Check Wired Headset Damaged or Not

Check headset and do properly headphone jack. If you are use case, so you solve this solution so buy a mobile case.

  • Safe mode: How to Safe Mode on Google Pixel 2/ Pixel 2

Use safe mode and fix low call volume on Pixel.

@ tap and hold the power button on your Pixel device.

@ continue tap & hold power off button until you show Reboot to safe mode.

@ tap OK and reboot safe mode on Google device.

@ wait for few seconds and after Reboot your device.

@ left below side you can see Safe Mode.

Now check to fix your mobile call volume or not. If still not solve call volume issue so now, check the third-party app and find which app create low call volume problem. Catch it and delete it.

Now exit to safe mode. Tap and hold the power button and start your Pixel device.

  • Factory Reset your Google pixel 2/ Google Pixel 2 XL Oreo device.

Are face Pixel 2 XL low mic volume? So, guys reset your mobile and fix your problem.

@ open setting option on your Pixel device.

@ press System.

@ press reset.

@ press factory data reset.

@ press phone reset.

@ press erase everything.

try to do reset your mobile and fix low call volume issue.

Use above all tips and solve your problem how to fix low call volume on pixel device.

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