Fix Low Call Volume on LG V20: Boost sound quality and Increase while you on Call

I recently bought this phone I use the only couple of week that time its give work to best. But before few days I was talking with my fiancé that time instantly my cell phone call volume down. So, guys, I solve this problem easily in short time so, it’s my personal experience. Here I guide how to fix low call volume issue.

LG V20 mobile users have a quarry on getting poor sound while there are talking with the normal call on his/her mobile. I found some interesting and useful tips on increase low call volume on LG V20 android mobile running on Android Marshmallow, Nougat, Android N. After Update Android, Slow down incoming/Outgoing call then Boost Low Call volume on LG V20.

Supported LG models: LG 4NE1, LG CB630, LG CE100, LG CE110, LG CG225, LG CG300, LG CG325


Here is the solution of low call volume

Fix 1: first, check volume button. Whenever your smartphone ringing that time first receive it and then your LG V20 Android mobile side volume button volume increase and fix your problem.

Fix 2: maybe your earpiece and speaker dirty, so, do it first that take a smooth and thin toothbrush and softly clean speaker and earpiece and solve the problem that low call volume on LG V20.

Fix 3: use headphone or earphone. Fine in Amazon best earphone or headphone. And listen to your friends, family voice easily on call.

Fix 4: press power bottom few second and power off your Android phone. That way Reboot or restate your mobile and fix the issue of low call volume.

Fix 5: update latest Android version and fix your problem. Update Android version 8.1 Oreo.

Fix 6: contact at LG Support center near you

Get the Support Details of your LG mobile, Quickly and Easily find Nearest LG support center desk. To get the instant fix.

Use all above tips but since not solve your problem so contact customer care and write complain low call volume issue on LG V20 android Oreo device. and ask what issue? Maybe speaker will be damaged so replace it. And if any software or hardware issue, they give us suggestion and solution to solve low call volume issue.

Our post suggests you how to fix low call volume on LG V20 so please use it and share it.






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