How to Fix low call volume on OnePlus 6t Oxygen OS – Volume Issue

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OnePlus 6t Low Call Volume Issue (1)

Are you face low call volume problem on your oneplus 6t mobile during the call? like call dropping, people can’t hear your voice, low call volume. here we try to fix your OnePlus 6t android mobile low call volume problem. you know guys what is the main reason behind low call volume? there are various reasons for low call volume like week network signal, speaker problem, software problem, and hardware problem.

Every OnePlus 6t Android 9.0 users face not only low call volume issue on OnePlus 6t but also hard to hear with another person on the phone sometime. one best solution updates your system. if you updated the latest version then no problem. and if new update not available so its ok. please go with us and troubleshoot low call volume on OnePlus 6t Oxygen Os.

How to fix low call volume on OnePlus 6t Oxygen OS

here we give you some possible solution so follow my tips step by step to fix low call volume issue on OnePlus 6t android

Pie 9.0 device.

Fix 1: Reboot OnePlus 6t- How to Reboot OnePlus 6t

this is the easy and simple method to improve your voice quality. press and hold the power button and restart your device.

Fix 2: Use Volume Button

Check phone volume, If volume low so please first tap volume up button and increase volume.

Fix 3: Use Head Phone

us the headphone or earphone during the call, do you guys listen to the perfect voice and fix low sound call quality on OnePlus 6t.

Fix 4: Check phone volume using phone setting

Tap Settings gear icon > Sound > Adjust volume settings

Fix 5: Check network signal strength – fix low call volume on OnePlus 6t Oxygen Os

When your network signal strength is a week, you people cant here voice perfectly even use headphone or earphone. so, first find the good network signal area and fix low call volume issue.

Fix 6: Clean Microphone – Fix Low Call Volume Issue On OnePlus 6t

Clean microphone: check the microphone, nothing is in front of a microphone that creates a problem to listen to the voice and causing to low-quality calls. use a wooden toothpick or cotton and clean dust & dirt. after doing call. I hope to fix your problem.

FIx 7: Clean Earpiece

you don’t know guys, but you surprise when you see dirt and dust in an earpiece. so take smooth wooden toothpick or cotton swab and clean the earpiece.

Fix 8: Software Update

Setting > go system update > start a download and update your OnePlus 6t mobile.

Fix 9: Use Safe Mode – How to Enable Safe Mode on OnePlus 6t

Step 1: Open home screen.

Step 2: Tap setting gear icon.

Step 3: Tap All app.

Step 4: Select the app that you want to uninstall.

Step 5: Tap OK.

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