how to fix low call volume problem Samsung Galaxy S10

how to fix low call volume problem Samsung Galaxy S10

samsung galaxy S10 flagship mobile. but it has a little problem, there have been several issues that the phone call quality. this Samsung galaxy S10 call quality is less than satisfactory. users experienced Samsung galaxy S10 has not only low call volume issue also call dropping, hard to here, but cant also listens to voice during the call, poor sound quality.this all reason seems to be a hardware issue rather than software issue. that means don’t need to repair your mobile. here we give you some beat and easy way, how to fix low call volume issue on Samsung Galaxy S10.

here we give you first little solution that, update your Samsung galaxy S10 device. if do not liable update than try our given solution and fix low call volume issue on Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy S10. yo don’t know but there are many hide issue behind low call volume problem on Samsung galaxy S10 like poor network connection and speaker problem. let’s see how to fix low call volume issue on Galaxy S10 and S10 plus.

How to fix low call volume problem on the Samsung Galaxy S10

here some possible solution lets see how to fix low call volume issue.

Solution 1: check your device volume.

open your mobile and then tap setting option >Settings Sound > Adjust volume settings.

Solution 2: use volume side button

press volume up button and increase the volume. and check it may be your volume button damaged. if it has any problem then change volume button and fix Samsung galaxy S10 device low call volume.

Solution 3: Reboot or restart your device

this is a very easy method. press and hold the power button until the power of your device.after press restart button.

Solution 4: use headphone

if you have a low call volume issue so please use headphone during the phone call. so you can listen to the perfect voice.

Solution 5: clear Microphone port

use the wooden toothpick or dry cotton swab, use it gently and clean the earpiece and remove dust and dirt particles.

solution 6: Inspect your screen protector

if you stick a screen protector on your Galaxy S10, so first make sure the screen protector isn’t physically obstructing the earpiece.

solution 7: check network connection

check your network connection, maybe you have a week network. go outside and find a strong network and fix low call volume issue.

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