Fix Low Call Volume on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8

You people really feel poor voice quality during the call. When we talk about Android mobile that time we always mobile features and software compare with the flagship. So guys lets we fix the problem low call volume on Galaxy Note 8/Galaxy S8 using headphone and third party low call volume apps. This is the best phone in UAS and also most selling that. It’s the minor issue, so guys don’t be panic, and read Galaxy S8 low call volume post and solve your issue.

Here we guide Galaxy Note 8 where is the real problem and how to solve low call volume issue on Samsung Galaxy 8. I know your Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 sounding like low sound during the call, crackling voice, brake voice and static voice. When you receive the call that time you people annoying to listen to low call volume. Our hand their solution so read our page and solve your problem now.

Solved: Galaxy S8/Galaxy Note 8 call volume very low

Method 1: Clean Speaker on Galaxy S8 & Note 8 Using Brush

Using the small, soft and thin toothbrush for the clean speaker. This soft and thin toothbrush easily remove dust and dirt and also liquid and dirty air. After checking sound quality. And solve your issue.

Method 2: Increase Call Volume, not Increase Ringer volume

Here we talk about increase call volume not ring volume, so friend when your Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 incoming call is coming that time use side volume button and increase the call volume.

Method 3: Try to Reset and Reboot the Galaxy S8 And Note 8

First power off your Android Device and after few second press power on button and start the mobile, and after call your friends and check call volume.

Method 4: Adjust VolumeSsetting

Open your mobile and go to main menu setting and then go with the sound setting and last volume setting and increase the call volume.

Setting > sound setting > volume setting.

Method 5: Check Network Strength

Sometimes that issue creates from week network connection so guys, first check your network speed, and still not solve the issue so go nearby location that place where network strong.

Method 6: Use Headphone

When you people do not listen to clean and high call volume that you use the best headphone and hear easily good and clean voice.

Method 7: Use Safe mode

Tap and hold power button and do power off. So you can easily see Reboot and Safe mode. And then tap OK button.

Method 8: Reset your Android Device

Open your mobile screen

Go to setting

Press Back up and Reset

Tap factory data reset

Reset your smartphone and solve your issue.

Above all method Do it yourself with no cost and repair service free of cost

Method 9: Speaker damage and hardware issues

Maybe your speaker damaged so change it and otherwise connect nearest customer care and book your appointment and discuss hardware issues solve your problem.

Above all method benefit to low call volume on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. So follow it and share it.

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