Fixed issues Low Audio on Call on Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Sound is low during calls

is your Mobile Sound is low during calls? Follow the ultimate solution for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus/Galaxy Note 10 low Call sound volume during a call of the powerful android mobile series. Galaxy Note 10 Plus/Galaxy Note 10 has a powerful audio mechanism that delivers clear voice Either normal Call or Speaker mode phone during call time. and suddenly you are getting low sound for the incoming or outgoing calls, for that follow the below solution the rapidly increases the sound quality after rectifying the software or Hardware problem. Samsung Company providing a fresh and tested device in the market, but the next stage is really hard to manage, Company can aware about that but how they stop because some not optimized third-party Apps and Games damage the hardware in short period of time, Otherwise These apps crashing the android OS and makes your mobile software buggy after use this uncoded application or while they run in background.

In Android Framework we can check it where is the problem and how to fix for the solutions that is related to our problem.

6 Troubleshooting tips to fix My android Mobile Galaxy Note 10 Plus/Galaxy Note 10 Low Call Volume

Low Sound on Call for Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Low Sound on Call for Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Before move for troubleshooting follow the basic situations,

  1. Your Galaxy mobile bluetooth should be turned off, Sometimes your Screen it stuck if Bluetooth headphone or Buds turned off and Disconnected due to Battery. During call time your phone is connected to bluetooth accessories automatically.
  2. Front screen protector blocking the speaker slot at the top. In some case I see the mobile phone, Screen Protector sliding on-screen after installed. So Remove screen protector if that happens in your case.
  3. Have you noticed, Your mobile gets affected after updated the Android OS version. Some techie people forced upgrading the android version.

Solution 1: Increase Call Volume

On Mobile, there are no separate volume control adjustment settings for increase or Decrease Call volume for the incoming or outgoing call. Using these settings we can’t change Microphone sound but only ear speaker volume. Use Side Volume Up button during call time using a hand that caught your phone. This ideal trick to increase call speaker volume on touch screen mobile in 21’s Century or Touchpad mobile in 19’s century. Sometimes Side volume button damaged and not responding that unable to change the system volume, We can also change volume under the settings.

  • Also Check the Sound under the settings of mobile, Settings app > Sound > Adjust Volume Sound.

Solution 2: Your Phone app is stuck, Stop Responding

The phone app is not used for Dial Call or Save Call. But it has too many functions like record call (Start Recording), Makes a Conference call, Speaker mode, Dial Pad, Adds a New call, Connects to Bluetooth speaker Accessories. So in rare cases, Your Phone app goes stuck on the screen, you will be heard a crackling sound or No sound that suddenly stops on all call. Force Close phone app from mobile screen.

  1. Open Recent apps on-screen using recent apps soft screen [Use Three line key at the right of the home key].
  2. You will see all the apps in app switcher screen, Swipe left or right to find the phone app, and Swipe up to close the app. or close all app and open apps again.

A second way to force a close phone App

  • Open Settings app > Apps > More Settings > Show System Apps > Find and Tap on Settings app > Force Close app. [Also Find phone app and Force close]

Solution 3: Force Reboot or Restart Phone

Hard Reboot is more effective than the soft reboot, Hard Reboot build new process and force close old one that is running in the background. This hard reboot process repair software bug that created the android OS process.

Press and Hold Volume Down button and Power button, wait for several seconds. leave it after your mobile will show power menu with the first option is Power off. Tap on it to switch off Galaxy Note 10 Plus/Note 10. Use Side power button only to turn on again.

Solution 4: Clear Phone app cache from RAM

Clear your Android System Whole cache in few steps that fix internal Processing issues like Freezes over time.

Go to the Settings app > Apps > Tap on More Settings > Show System Apps > Now Tap on Phone app > Storage > Clear Cache Button > Restart your mobile and check it will be fixed.

Solution 5: Poor Network Connectivity

Because of poor network quality in a rural area, Sound that comes to your mobile will be distorted. Now Network Problem might be from your end as well. so we can fix it and reset using the reset network settings option. This will erase all old settings and reconfigure after reboot from the network itself. go with the steps below to reset network settings.

Swipe up your finger on Empty stop on the home screen that will popup new settings, Tap on General Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Enter the pin to complete the process and Wait for the startup screen appear on the screen.

Solution 6: Clean Up Headphone jack and Speaker grill

Use Toothpick and clean up sensitive grill using the soft hand. Remove all dust or Sticky chemical that overlayed over time. Once you clear Speaker grill, move to the bottom and Also cleanup Headphone jack with dry stick and hand.

if you are not able to clean up to input sensitive parts than you can contact nearby repair center.

Solution 7: Contact Samsung Support or Carrier

Any big or small hardware problems are covered under warranty by most of the smartphone companies. Here’s the great change to replace the defective piece that causing more problem in the future. So, don’t let down or ignore this kind of sound issue. I recommend contacting online support from this link and nearby store as well.

Solution 8: Temporary Solution

Use Headphone or Speaker mode for incoming or Outgoing call, From the calling screen, you will find speaker icon.

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